Are you looking to drive intense growth for your online business? Then, you may require some fantastic top online marketing tools to establi...

List of 10 Online Marketing Tools for Startup Businesses

Are you looking to drive intense growth for your online business? Then, you may require some fantastic top online marketing tools to establish your business as a unique brand and provide support services that your customers are longing for. Whether you have established a small business or a big organization, the powerful marketing tools add expertise into your marketing campaign and make it easier for you to achieve your business goals.

To let you free from recognizing the top online marketing tools from the crowd, we have come up 10 tools that work great for startups.

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Mail Chimp:

Mail Chimp is a free email marketing tool with user friendly interface and tons of features integrated into it. This tool is designed to analyze the behavior of your subscribers and to give a boost to your email marketing campaign. Businesses having less than 2000 subscribers and those who send less than 12,000 emails per month can utilize this service.

Hub Spot:

HubSpot is an inbound marketing tool and sales software which help businesses to attract visitors, convert leads and engage customers. With this excellent tool, you can magnetize your website, develop content and optimize it for all major search engines. It helps you to engage with your prospective customers through

    Calls To Action
    Landing Pages
    Personalized Website
    Personalized Email.


This tool helps you with managing projects and staying in collaboration with your team members. You can share contents among your team members to review the piece, share their ideas and make required changes before posting. Trello is designed to let businesses to share everything pertaining to online marketing strategies with the team members.


Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management tools that let the users to schedule posting and updates to any social media account. It helps businesses to manage their social media presence and analyze their marketing campaigns. The main features of Hootsuite allow its users to

    Post on any social profile directly
    Schedule posting
    Manage multiple social profiles
    Send Targeted messaging
    Improve collaboration within organization
    Use suite of social apps
    Create analytical reports

Google Analytics:

This is one of the most effective free tools offered by Google. Every businessman should include this tool as a part of their marketing strategy. If you think that it just allows you to track the website’s traffic, then you are wrong. Google Analytics helps you with

    Data collection and management
    Data analytics and reporting
    Data consolidation
    Data activation

Kiss Metrics:

Kiss Metrics is the most influential analytics tool that helps its users to understand their customers’ behavior and drive better growth of your website. It helps you to discover the factors converting customers and remove the hindrances for acquisition. With this tool, the users can engage with their customers, which in turn increase their retention. By assessing your customers’ behavior and improving their experience, you can drive better growth of your organization.


If you depend more on social media marketing, then Followerwonk is the right tool for you. It is dedicated to search twitter bios and improve your social graph. With this tool, you can research deep into twitter analytics to discover your followers, their location and their engagement. You can also find and get connected with new potentials in your industry with followerwonk. Comparing your social graphs with others is highly possible with this incredible.

SEO Yoast:

This is one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugin deployed by a huge number of websites across the world. It is known for its tons of features, ease of use and performance. With this tool, you can

    Create search engine friendly website
    Discover new audience
    Get more traffic
    Increase more sales
    Verify webmaster tools
    Define title for every post
    Add meta description and keywords to the post
    Set No-index tag and canonical URL


BuzzSumo is a social media analytical tool used widely by content marketers. This tool navigates the web for content as per search queries and displays the results having more likes and shares. In short, Buzz Sumo helps you to identify the most shared content for a topic. This gives you an idea on the type of content performing well among your audience. Based on the result, you can create content and gain valuable insights to ensure popularity of your contents on social networking sites.

Crazy egg:

If you are curious about determining what is working on your website and what does not, then you may consider using Crazy Egg tool. This tool is used to generate a scroll map and a heat map based on the clicks made by your visitors. You can improve the functionality of your website by making required changes with the help of this tool.

We hope that this list of 10 marketing tools helps you to begin your marketing campaign. If you have any suggestions or queries, please feel free to contact us at Verve Innovation – SEO Company Melbourne.

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