It's normal for women to experience nighttime fantasies while pregnant, having  strange sex dreams during pregnancy, and there is nothi...

Fantasies and Dreams During Pregnancy

It's normal for women to experience nighttime fantasies while pregnant, having strange sex dreams during pregnancy, and there is nothing to worry about. Here in this article, we are giving you a brief knowledge about having sex dreams and fantasies during pregnancy.

Regardless of physical symptoms, the hormonal changes that we undergo during pregnancy also produce the appearance of dreams that seem more real than usual. Even these vivid dreams can turn into nightmares, especially during the last few months, when the greatest fears are expressed during night time.

Fantasies and Dreams During Pregnancy

According to psychologist Rosalina Rodriguez Gonzalez, "it is essential to keep in mind that having strange dreams during pregnancy is a normal process in which we express our concerns and it is very healthy to have them, although sometimes you worry a little about their content."

More recent research has shown that fantasies and dreams during pregnancy develop in a more or less constant way during the nine months.

First trimester: Dreams During Pregnancy

During the first quarter, the expectant mother still has few fantasies, she puts aside the imagination to control the changes and the fears to the risk of the loss of the baby during the most delicate phase of the pregnancy. This is a mechanism of self-defense, during the first months and however much you want the pregnancy, does not stop feeling ambivalence in the face of maternity.

Second trimester: Dreams During Pregnancy

In the second trimester, the pregnancy is already "consolidated," and the baby begins to feel. It is when fantasies and dreams begin, the imagination starts to fly thinking about how the baby will be, whether it will be naughty or quiet, who it will look like, etc. The movements of the child act as a stimulus on the imagination of the future mother.

Third trimester: Dreams During Pregnancy

According to the experts, in the third quarter, it is when the mother has more dreams, hopes, fantasies, and fears about what the baby will be like. Being in the last days of the pregnancy, it is very present the desire that the baby is born healthy and that everything goes well. It is another form of defense that acts as protection against the possible disappointment that could occur when realizing the difference between imagination and reality.

Who can help you with dreams during pregnancy?

You should discuss with your partner about the dreams and fantasies that are appearing throughout the nine months. Nobody can help you better than he to overcome the fears. Being a parent is something wonderful that will always bring you moments of happiness, although sometimes there are difficult situations because the news can cause fears and concern, it is still a fear of the unknown.

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