Having someone tell you they love you is probably one of the greatest feelings. Whether it’s a friend, parent, significant other or family m...

101 Ways To Say "I Love You"

Having someone tell you they love you is probably one of the greatest feelings. Whether it’s a friend, parent, significant other or family member, hearing those three little words can always brighten a day. But did you know that “I love you” isn’t the only way to say “I love you?" Here’s a list of things people say that can be easily translated into those three words.

1. Be safe.
2. Don’t talk to strangers.
3. Let me know when you get home.
4. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.
5. It’s my treat.
6. You didn’t bring a jacket? Idiot, here’s mine.
7. Watch your step.
8. You can borrow mine.
9. You’d really like this book/movie/song.
10. It reminded me of you.
11. I thought of you.
12. Good morning.
13. Have a good day.
14. I saved you a bite.
15. Try it.
16. Drive safely.
17. It’s okay, I bought two.
18. You can go first.
19. After you.
20. We’ll figure it out.
21. Go back to sleep.
22. I love your laugh.
23. What do you want to do?
24. Don’t cry.
25. I’ll drive this time.
26. Have fun.
27. Don’t get up, I’ll get it.
28. I don’t mind.
29. There’s enough room for both of us.
30. It’s light with cream and no sugar, right?
31. You don’t have to ask.
32. You didn’t have to.
33. I’ll wait for you.
34. I’m coming to get you.
35. We can share it.
36. Let me know if you need anything.
37. Are you buckled?
38. I happened to be passing by.
39. I’ll stay until you fall asleep.
40. I noticed.
41. I know you can do it.
42. I believe in you.
43. Do you need anything?
44. Take mine.
45. Be careful.
46. Get some rest.
47. I miss you.
48. Feel better.
49. Are you hungry?
50. Can I call you?
51. Come over.
52. I had a great time.
53. I’m wearing sweatpants too.
54. I can come over if you need a hug.
55. I wish I was there.
56. I’m not going anywhere.
57. I’ll be right there.
58. You’re worth it.
59. I just want you to be happy.
60. Are you having fun?
61. I would’ve done the same thing.
62. Smile.
63. I’m sorry.
64. You deserve the best.
65. I’ll cook tonight.
66. We make a good team.
67. I’ll text you when I’m done.
68. I’m on my way.
69. Do you want me to come?
70. I don’t like seeing you upset.
71. You deserve to be happy.
72. You’re okay.
73. Nobody’s perfect.
74. Happy birthday.
75. Don’t worry.
76. There are leftovers in the fridge.
77. I’ll bring the cookies.
78. I’ll fix it.
79. I couldn’t sleep anyway.
80. I made your favorite.
81. I can wait.
82. Look both ways.
83. I’ve got it.
84. I think you’ll like this.
85. Did you get my letter?
86. Don’t text and drive.
87. (S)he’s not worth it.
88. We can talk more tomorrow.
89. I made reservations.
90. I’ll meet you halfway.
91. I saved you a seat.
92. Sleep well.
93. Your ears must be ringing; I was just thinking about you.
94. You smell good.
95. I hope you like it.
96. Good luck.
97. It’s your turn.
98. It’s been too long.
99. Whatever you want.
100. It looks great on you.
101. I love you.

People tell you they love you all the time, you just have to be listening.