How to lucid dream tonight? A lucid dream is the awareness of your subconscious mind. Ever wondered how to lucid dreaming can improve your ...

How To Have A Lucid Dream Tonight

How to lucid dream tonight? A lucid dream is the awareness of your subconscious mind. Ever wondered how to lucid dreaming can improve your will powers and take control over your mind? If you want to experience a lucid dreaming, I can show you some simple, foolproof steps to become one of the expert people of the pshychology world who controls their mind far better than anyone. 

I soon realized that I was dreaming. I saw my hands, my body and touched my face. What if you wanted to fly or jump very high? What if he thought of someone and suddenly that person appeared? I began to imagine it, and everything became very strange; It was like a dream, but at the same time it was not. It no longer seemed like an absurd fantasy as in an ordinary dream, and he could see the inconsistencies that were occurring. 

How To Have A Lucid Dream Tonight

I peeled my feet off the ground and propelled myself up into the air, flying. I felt happy, so happy and radiant I did not want to wake up. I visited the city and saw things I had never seen before. The next morning I woke up, as tired as if I had not slept all night, but so happy it did not matter.

Lucid dreams are those in which you are conscious, and you can control them. They let you do what you want and feel very real. For each person, they are very different, but they are really intense. You can bring your dream a friend or distant relative, be overly lucid or look tremendously unstable and stressed on waking, which is not very common, but you must keep in mind that the dream seems incredibly real.

Preparation is indispensable; Clean and order your room, make sure that there are no great lights in it and try to make it as dark as possible.

1. Spend much of your day knowing more about lucid dreaming

Read about it until you go to sleep; Talk about this with your friends and think about what you will do when you are in the lucid dream. The key is to stay focused on what you will do. If you've never done it, be sure to read other people's stories and experiences. Try to imagine how yours will be. 

2. Make a totem

If you saw the movie Origin  ( Inception ) in which it's hard to distinguish reality from dreams, this point will make much more sense. Write a small "D" in the palm of your hand, which means "awake." When you look at it, ask yourself: Am I dreaming?

Ask yourself this as many times as possible before going to sleep. Honestly, ask yourself, think about where you were 10 minutes earlier, so you're sure not to be dreaming. The more times you do, there will be more opportunities to have a lucid dream. Ask the question appears to prove that you are awake and try to put one finger on the other palm to corroborate. 

3. One hour before you go to sleep, do not look at any screen

Turn off your cell phone and do not watch TV, this, so your body produces enough hormones to make you sleep, which decreases with artificial light. If possible lower the light intensity or turn it off. Otherwise, you can do some activity that does not involve technology like reading a book or meditate.

4. Schedule your alarm two hours before the time you usually wake up

Choose an alarm that will wake you up but is not too noisy. You need to set your alarm close enough to turn it off without getting out of bed or opening your eyes. When you set the alarm, make sure you have a dream journal handy with a pen. 

5. Wake up with the alarm but do not open your eyes.

It will be one of the most difficult things. Keep your eyes closed even if the mind wakes up. It does not matter much that you open your eyes for a second, but you'd better not. After turning off the alarm you should go back to sleep, it is important that you perform this step to continue the process. This is very important because it will allow you to be a deep sleep and an induced awakening. Because you woke up, Activate your brain. The importance of the totem in your palm is that if you accidentally fall asleep, you will probably also have it in the dream so that it will become more lucid. It's a kind of trap.

When you wake up, it will be a bit scary because you will experience something known as "sleep paralysis" in which your body will be unable to move, but your mind will be awake and alert. There is nothing to fear. It's not dangerous; Is the way to arrive at the lucid dream. After a couple of times, it will be easier and fun.

You'll be there, awake and your body was frozen. The reason is that you interrupted REM sleep and your body will try to put you into it. You must remain awake while this occurs. Concentrate while you think that your body is underneath you, this will put you directly into lucid dreaming because your mind will never fall asleep at all with this method.

6. Keep thinking about lucid dreaming

You are there frozen, with your eyes open and your mind active. Relax and let your mind into what would appear to be hallucinations. You will see colors, shapes, intense lights, hear sounds and random people look.

At first everything will be strange and without apparent connection, however, in a little time, everything will start to fit. You will be so involved in everything that you will be able to look around. You are in a lucid dream and in total control.

Warnings to remember:
Do not get too excited, you might wake up too fast.

Relax and guide the dream, explore.