It’s easy to let stress, our emotions, and anxiety affect our sense of calm, especially during the hectic holiday season. But when we let ou...

How To Calm Down And Banish Anxiety For Good

It’s easy to let stress, our emotions, and anxiety affect our sense of calm, especially during the hectic holiday season. But when we let ourselves get carried away, we don’t just change our mind. This stress takes a toll on our body and causes a sense of imbalance in our lives. We then become unable to cope with situations that we normally would have the ability to handle.

How To Calm Down And Banish Anxiety For Good

The first thing to do is to start checking in with your body throughout the day. Notice how you are feeling. Many times our sense of calm can be upset without us even realizing it. The time to start with these practices is when you first notice that you aren’t feeling relaxed. Once you notice this, here are my suggestions on how to go easy.

1. Breathe

While meditating has tremendous benefits in helping to bring a sense of calm to one’s life, you don’t have to do a full mediation session to bring a sense of peace to each moment. Try to set time for regular breathing sessions during the day. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through the Facebook feed next time you have a few minutes of free time, take a few deep breaths. Just for a moment, keep your mind on your breath. You will find that you return to the moment much more relaxed and centered.

2. Spend Time In Solitude

Even extroverts need time alone. When we are around people, our energy is affected, and if we don’t take time alone to recharge our batteries, we can find ourselves stressed without knowing why. If you don’t live alone, go out in nature and spend time with yourself. When you spend time alone, especially in silence, you will find that you can hear yourself and access your intuition better as well.

3. Listen To Binaural Beats To Calm Down

Binaural Beats cause a hypnotic response in the brain and can do wonders to calm you down instantly. They work best when listened to with headphones, and there are many free ones for a variety of symptoms available on YouTube. I listen to them daily when I am working on my computer. They are also great to listen to as you drift off to sleep at night.

4. Dance

The majority of us live only in our heads. We have an entire body, but we spend most of our time in our minds. When we move our bodies, we lose some of our obsession with being in our minds, and we will notice an immediate sense of calm. You can get this effect with any activity or exercise which forces you to be in your body, but my favorite activity is dancing. You don’t need to go out to dance. You can have a dance party in your own living room. Freely express yourself and let yourself go.

5. Use Essential Oils To Help You Relax

Most of us know the soothing effects that lavender can have on the body, but many other scents can help with different types of anxiety. Frankincense is my favorite for calming a busy mind, while Jasmine is great for anxiety. Vetiver is perfect for sleeping and for relieving jet lag. I prefer to get the benefits of essential oils by using a diffuser, but you can also get their benefits by putting them in a foot bath or mixing them with a carrier oil and wearing them as perfume. One of the most relaxing things to do is to bring them in your bath water.

What ways do you use to calm down? Let me know in the comments below!