The start of the week can be tough, but there are certain actions you can take to have a fantastic day. Let's face it, Mondays are dif...

9 Rituals to Have an Amazing Monday

The start of the week can be tough, but there are certain actions you can take to have a fantastic day.

Let's face it, Mondays are difficult days. Regardless of whether you are a solo entrepreneur or part of a corporation, the first day of the week can dictate how you will feel the rest of the day.

9 Rituals to Have an Amazing Monday
To overcome the mental regret that Mondays can cause, some simple rituals can help you improve your day and generate useful habits.

1. Establish a morning routine

One of the best ways to start a day is to have an established routine. It does not mean getting up and immediately starting to work but find activities that excite you like doing a little exercise, have an excellent cup of coffee or enjoy a good magazine. You may need to wake up earlier, but these extra minutes will help you start the day with vigor.

2. Clean your email

Your inbox can be overwhelming on Monday mornings, after a weekend of relative forgetfulness. Before you start answering emails, the best thing to do is purge your account of old newsletters and emails that are not important. You can use services like Sanebox to manage your account better.

3. Call a friend

A good habit that you can develop on Mondays is to talk on the phone, email or text messages with a good friend. It's a great way to catch up for the coming week.

4. Start a new professional relationship

Making new contacts can be difficult, so there is no better day to do it than Monday. Identify someone you want to add to your professional network and send them an email. Once you make the first contact, you can strengthen the relationship.

5. Take a personal risk

Much has been written about setting goals. Personally, I like to spend 10 to 20 minutes each morning setting goals for the day, but on Mondays, it is important to set a personal goal for the week. Write a little, learn a new word, do a new exercise, start reading a good book ... the point is to have a goal that thrills you.

6. Make a thank-you list 

Monday's to-do lists can be overwhelming, so it's no big deal to have a similar count, but with the things you thank. It does not matter if they are the same every week - you will hardly complain about good health - the list will serve to be aware of what you have. Being grateful on Monday will help you be happier all week.

7. Do something good for someone else

Remember, EVERYONE is going through this thing called Monday. Doing something nice for someone else, like leaving you a post it with a familiar phrase or inviting you a coffee, will not only make you feel good, it will also brighten someone else's day.

8. Eat well

A junk food weekend can make you feel heavy on Monday. Start the week with a healthy meal plan, starting with a nutritious breakfast, and try to maintain discipline throughout the week. Eating well will not only give you energy for Monday, but it can also boost your attitude the rest of the day.

9. Dare to inspire

Give yourself the pleasure of reading a good article or video from inspirational sites like OLB to have the soul push you need.