It may be the smallest continent of the world, but it is by no means behind regarding development and raw natural beauty. Suffice to say, Au...

101 Travel Tips for Enjoying Australia on a Budget

It may be the smallest continent of the world, but it is by no means behind regarding development and raw natural beauty. Suffice to say, Australia is beautiful and is a perfect vacation destination. If you have chosen Australia to be your next vacation spot, here are some tips that will come in handy. Make sure you go through them.

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Travel Tips for Staying Safe

Australia is a vast country where wildlife can kill, the sunshine can burn and other dangers lurk. Check out our travel tips for staying safe and making your travel around Australia an enjoyable trip:

59. Sun Care – The constant sunshine is appealing, but it also is dangerous. Proper care is required on sunburn. A hat, sunglasses, sunblock and adequate clothing, is a must.

60. Take cover at the beach – Do your skin a favor, invest a mere $30 and buy a sun shelter beach tent. It'll give you 100% UV proof lining. Go halves with your travel mate, and you can spend more time at the beach without being burnt to toast!

61. Wildlife – It's true, Australia is home to many dangerous creatures, so care is a must when bushwalking, at the beach or in the bush. Even cute kangaroos can pack a (deadly) mean uppercut... if provoked.

62. Don’t wander off – You might think that you are Bear Grilles but going into the wild in Australia is fraught with danger. Bush walking is popular with tourists but be careful and stay on the bushwalk tracks.

63. Emergency Services Numbers - Call 000 for the emergency services anywhere in Australia.

101 Travel Tips for Enjoying Australia on a Budget
 64. Protect your wallet – As always, watch out for credit card thieves and skimmers. Be vigilant with ATM's as criminal gangs have been known to set up dummy ATM card readers coupled with mini-cameras which can read PIN numbers from as far away as 100 meters.

65. The ATM ate my card! – Imagine the scene: you‟ re 10,000kms away from your local bank, but the ATM eats your card! If possible try to keep the use of ATM's during business hours at a bank. That way, you‟ll be able to have it retrieved much easier.

66. Secure your documents – Spare yourself some drama by storing your passport and traveler's cheques safely. Also, make digital copies of your passport, traveler’s checks and emergency numbers then email it to yourself or store in Google Docs.

67. Personal safety – If you're not able to drive and need a taxi, stay safe and only use a registered taxi.

On the road

Traveling around Australia by road is a pleasant experience and gives you so much freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want. Check out our list of travel tips for the road:

68. Free Parking - If you are driving around the cities and towns parking can be a bit of a 'head melt.' However, you are allowed to park in clearways between the allocated times. Take heed of the parking signs.

69. Speed Limits – Remember that the national speed limits are KPM, not MPH. Road traffic police are not likely to let you off the hook if you plead ignorance!

70. Avoid Speeding Tickets – In some states speed cameras are very clearly marked. There will be 3 roadside signs telling you of upcoming speed cameras, in other countries, there are no warnings at all! Take heed and stick to the speed limit.

71. School Zone Speed Limits – Watch out for alternating speed limits and speed cameras around schools. If the school is on, the speed limit will change to a lower limit in the morning and afternoon when school kids are coming and going.

72. Other Road Traffic Fines - Always wear your seatbelt, it is a legal requirement. On bank holidays, there are double demerit points & nasty fines for not wearing a seatbelt and penalties for mobile phone use while driving.

73. Road safety - It might be stating the obvious, but care needs to be taken when driving – or even walking – in Australia, particularly if you are accustomed to driving on the right-hand side of the road. Tourists are injured (or worse) each year just because they fail to check traffic correctly before crossing the road (remember to look right first then left).

74. Stop, Revive & Survive - Don't drive for hours and hours without having a break, Look out for yourself, your passengers and others on the roads by stopping at Stop, Revive & Survive stations & lay-bys for free teas + coffees.

75. Cheapest Day to Buy Petrol - Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days to top up on fuel for your campervan (so says, MotorMouth). This alone will save you between $0.05 - $0.10 per liter and up to $0.15 for city-based areas. Avoid Fri & Sat also wherever possible and avoid the start of Australian holidays/long weekends when prices will be unfairly hiked up by as much as 25 cents.

76. Another Way to Save Money On Petrol - Keep the dockets (receipts) from Coles, Safeway, Woolworths, Big W & a host of other stores. Check out the bottom or back of receipts for fuel coupons. These coupons will save you up to $0.08 per liter simply by presenting your docket.

77. Tourist Maps - Get free tourist maps at accredited information centers and information stands all on the main streets across the city. These info booths are set up to help with free info about things to go and see locally.

Tips on How to Get Work

If you are coming to Australia on a working holiday or you're headed Down Under for more than just a vacation, then here are our tips on how to get work:

78. Word of mouth – If you're on a working holiday to Australia one of the best places to find a job is from your contacts in the hostels and from other backpackers.

79. On the Web - There are certain employment websites (such as Seek and Career One) that will make things easier

80. Newspapers – Check out the jobs in any of the free local newspapers for access to local employers who might be interested in the skills and experience of the working holiday maker. The big national and region daily newspapers tend to advertise only the career jobs.

81. Qualifications - If you have some of the basic skills (like Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) or experience in the building industry) then it can be easy to find temporary employment to help fund your travels.

82. Green Card – Safety regulations in Australia are strict. To work on building sites and the like, you'll need to sit a test and earn a green card which will legally allow you to work there.

83. Freelance Work - Freelance writing, blogging, graphic design, consulting or data entry is a real possibility, where all you need are skills in the English language, and a laptop will mean you can work from your hostel or hotel room.

84. Flexible hours - Call center work requires no formal qualifications, and the hours are flexible with many centers operating 'round-the-clock.'

Tech Tips and Travel Apps

If you have a smartphone like an iPhone or Android then why not download one of the following apps to help you on your travels around Australia:

85. Free WiFi – Check your email, make travel arrangements, etc. from your smartphone or laptop from free WiFi hotspots. Find and use the internet using free WiFi at traditional coffee shops and the golden arches.

86. Cheap SIM Cards – When you arrive to buy a cheap Vodafone PAYG SIM card and insert it into your mobile phone. This way you can keep your phone bill down.

87. AroundMe – This free app shows you where you are (handy for the traveler who has no sense of bearing!) and what is closest to you, such as petrol stations, hospitals, banks, grocery stores and the like. Much like a GPS for your phone, this travel app could be your new best friend for both the first-time traveler and the experienced jet-setter.

88. Places Directory (for Android) – This free places app allows you to browse nearby places in categories like Restaurants, Movie Theatres, Hotels, and Banks. Developed by Google engineers for the Android.

89. Layar (for Android) - Only truly of help in large cities Layar is an augmented reality browser app that shows what is around you by displaying real time digital information on top of reality through the camera of your mobile phone.

90. Next Flight App - Handy if you've missed a flight and want to reschedule. With the ability to filter by airline, the Next Flight app will help you get on your way with a minimum of fuss and stress.

91. Hear Planet - Know where you are but not what to do? This handy little app will allow you to plan your day by informing you about what attractions are near you.

92. World Customs App – Although you'll be hard pressed to offend the locals, it is advisable to check out World Customs. It'll help you keep on the right side of the locals and the law.

93. Currency Exchange Rates Apps – There are too many free to use currency exchange rate apps to list. Such apps will help you figure out if you‟re buying at bargain prices or not.

Taxes and Visas

Keep your journey around Australia legal and above board:

94. Working Holiday Visa - A working holiday gives you the best of both worlds. You can holiday when you want but legally work on a temporary or casual basis to add funds to your bank account when it looks like they're getting a little low. Just remember you can only work to top up your funds - not make a career. Depending on what country you're from, you need to apply for a particular subclass of working holiday visa, and not having one and being caught working will see you in trouble – and perhaps even deported (thus effectively putting an end to your holiday!)

95. Income – Remember you'll need to pay tax for any work you do in Australia. The percentage can vary depending on the kind of work you do. So forget to register for a TFN and/or ABN. Avoid paying emergency tax like the plague.

96. Student Visa - If you come to Australia to study you would have a Student Visa – and you are, of course, free to travel during semester breaks.

97. Visitors' Visa - enables you to come and go as much or as little as you like, provided no stay is longer than three months. It expires after 12 months, or when your passport does.

98. Departure Tax at Sydney Airport – This fee will already be included in the price of your ticket, but is more than AU$30 for passengers aged 12 years and over.

99. Goods and Services Tax (GST) – Many items purchased in Australia incur a G.S.T. of 10% of the total price. G.S.T. will be refunded on goods over $300 purchased in Australia when departing Australia. Other taxes in place, such as a fuel surcharge, so ensure the price you're quoted for the ticket is the absolute final price.

100. Reclaim your Super – Super is basically a pension fund that an employer will contribute towards for their employees. So, if you've worked in Australia on your working holiday, you can rightfully reclaim your super.

101. Extend Your Stay - Want your holiday to continue? If you can handle some back breaking fruit picking or farm labor for work 3 months, then the immigration can extend your WHM visa for an extra 12 months.

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