Side hustles are becoming pretty popular these days. Everyone is tired of being limited by a single salary that only increases a tiny bit e...

10 Six-Figure Side Business Ideas That You Can Start Immediately

Side hustles are becoming pretty popular these days. Everyone is tired of being limited by a single salary that only increases a tiny bit every few years. Forget that! It’s time to start making some money on the side so that you can begin living life on your terms.
The first obstacle everyone encounters when starting a side hustle is the idea. There have been a lot of articles published with “business ideas you can start this weekend.” The problem is, these “business ideas” consist of things like delivering groceries, babysitting, getting a minimum wage job or even becoming a barber (I kid you not, that was a real suggestion). Those are all incredibly lame options!
If that’s what you were looking for, then this is not the right post for you. However, if you’re looking for a business idea that:
  • You can start immediately
  • Maximizes your income: time ratio
  • Has the potential to replace your full-time job
  • You can operate from anywhere
This is definitely the article for you. Each of the business ideas below has been proven to bring in at least $100,000 annually in addition to meeting all of the above criteria. I’ll also put you in touch with an “expert” in the field who has all of the info you need to get started.
Ready? Let’s dive in.

1. Drop Shipping

What Is It?
Drop shipping is an eCommerce model where you buy products from a supplier who then ships the items directly to your customer. This is ideal because it mitigates the age old problem of sinking $5,000 in your first batch of inventory that may end up collecting dust in your garage (while you eat the cost). Instead, you list your supplier’s inventory on your site and when an order rolls in they handle all of the shipping and logistics while you collect the profits.
The best part? You don’t need any coding, shopping or eCommerce experience to get started!
Cost To Start: ~$100 (for web hosting and a premium eCommerce site theme)

2. Build An Instagram

What Is It?
Forget Facebook and Twitter. If you want to build a social media brand, Instagram is the place to be. The platform has 500 million monthly active users, but the real kicker is that the average post engagement is 57x higher than on Facebook and 120x higher than on Twitter!
We’ve all dreamed about having a massive social media following, and it’s actually much easier to achieve that you think. There are plenty of automated tools to help you grow, all you need to do is post consistently. Once your following is large enough you can begin to charge for shout outs, product promotions, etc. and drive traffic to a blog or email list.
Cost To Start: FREE!
Expert: Nathan Chan @

3. Write a Kindle Book

What Is It?
Have you ever dreamed of writing a best-selling book? Well, Amazon’s self-publication platform Kindle Direct lets you do just that. With the right market research, you can write your category killing book and sell it to the masses without dealing with the cost and bureaucratic hassles of traditional publishing. The best part is, once you’ve published the book, it will continue to bring in revenue month after month with little effort on your part! People are earning anywhere from a few hundred dollars to well over $100,000 publishing on Amazon.
You don’t need to be the world’s best writer, and you don’t need to be the world’s most renowned expert on a topic to publish a best seller. If fact, you can outsource almost every aspect of your book from the cover to the writing! All it takes is a little market research on your end.
Cost To Start: ~$200 (including cover design, editing, and formatting)
Expert: Dave Chesson @ Kindlepreneur
Article To Get You Started: Author Basic’s Ultimate List of Self-Publishing Resources (as recommended by Dave)

4. Online Courses

What Is It?
Last year the online learning industry hit $107 billion dollars. That’s billion with a B. Tons of 9-5ers are realizing they have unique skills sets that other people want to learn. Getting started is simple too, all you need is a copy of Powerpoint, a pair of headphones with a mic and some screen recording software. Then you can either drop your course on Udemy, or you can build your own site and save the royalty fees!
People just like yourself are making anywhere from $3,000 to $120,000+ off of their first-course launch (check out David’s testimonial’s from the link below).
Cost To Start: ~$200 (for a domain, hosting and online course software)
Expert: David Siteman Garland @ The Rise To The Top

5. Start a Podcast

What Is It?
Podcasts are catching on like wildfire. Actually, that’s not true. They’ve already caught, and the spark has turned into a bit of an inferno. Who says long-form content is dead?
If you’re not familiar, podcasts are essentially self-published talk shows. The audiences tend to be extremely engaged, and it’s one of the best outlets for networking that I’ve ever seen. The engagement also makes it one of the best marketing channels out there right now. Many podcasters are reaping the benefits, with some like John Lee Dumas bringing in $2,000,000+.
Cost To Start: ~$80 (breakdown here)
Expert: Nick Loper @ Side Hustle Nation

6. Create a Newsletter

What Is It?
I’m sure you’re familiar with newsletters, so I’ll skip the intro and dive right into the juicy stuff. Newsletters are a fantastic vehicle for driving revenue. Every single successful business in 2016 has some type of newsletter. Why? Because they are the only way to build, store and directly reach your audience. Facebook can change its policies, Google’s cost-per-click can go up but if you have someone subscribed to your newsletter you own all of the messaging.
Once your following becomes large enough you can begin implementing any of the other strategies in this article. You can drop in links to affiliate products, you can market a course, a podcast or even sell a product. The poster child for this model right now is The Hustle – a newsletter geared towards millennials that focus on the tech space. Sam Parr, its founder, was able to drive 100,000 subscriptions in 5 months and leveraged that audience to create HustleCon, a startup conference for non-techies. During his first year of the conference, he sold 400 tickets and made $50,000.
Cost To Start: ~$70 (for a domain, hosting, email and email service provider)
Expert: Sam Parr @ The Hustle

7. Affiliate Marketing

What Is It?
Let’s say that your friend has a product. They want to sell a million units on their website, but there’s one little problem…They have ZERO ideas how to market online. Being the digital marketing guru that you are, you offer to help drive traffic to your friend’s product on the condition that he pays you 2% of each sale that you influence. That is affiliate marketing.
It is a MASSIVE industry which means there’s is bound to be a niche that fits your knowledge base and skill set. You’re also not limited to marketing for one product. In fact, the more products you market for, the more money you make! It’s also incredibly fun because it allows you to get super creative. You could arbitrage clicks from Google AdWords campaigns, work on building your own audience and include the products in your newsletter, or you could join an affiliate network and have a lot of the hard work taken care of for you!
The possibilities are endless.
Cost To Start: ~$100 (depending on your marketing strategy, but you’ll most likely need a website, a theme and some hosting)

8. Freelancing

What Is It?
Ahh, the wonderful world of freelancing. Freelancing is a bit different than many of the other options on here, but it is equally as lucrative, and there are many different ways to go about it. If you have a particular skill that you excel at, you can make money freelancing. And I’m not just talking about coding here. You can earn money formatting Kindle books, as a photographer, as a copywriter, as a virtual assistant or even playing Pokemon Go!.
If sales and marketing aren't your forte, you can use a platform like Upwork or who have large active audiences already looking for your skills. The kicker there is that these platforms tend to take a significant cut of your fees. If you want to keep 100% of your dough, you can handle the sales process yourself and start by reaching out to local businesses or focus on a specific niche.
Freelancing lets you become what career expert JT O’Donnell calls an “instant entrepreneur.” You have the ability to make money quickly, you pick & choose your projects, and you can hone a skill set you may not use on a regular basis. That’s a huge win-win.
Cost To Start: Free!
Expert: Ryan Robinson @

9. Virtual Summit

What Is It?
Over the past decade, conferences have completely blown up. Previously, were several major conferences within an industry each year that everyone and their mother attended. Now there seem to be events every weekend on any topic you can dream up! Why? Simple. Conferences are a win-win for everyone involved.
If you’re an attendee, you get direct access to thought leaders in your space as well as a whole squad of like-minded people. If you’re hosting the event, you can immediately position yourself as a thought leader in your industry, generate tons of visibility for your brand and turn a pretty nice profit while you’re at it.
The problem with traditional conferences is that they can be super expensive to run. You need to rent the venue, buy the catering, pay the speakers, hire event staff – those costs add up fast. What if there was a way to host the conference without all of the unnecessary costs? Well, a few smart people figured out that by running the meeting virtually you actually mitigate all of the expenses allowing you to discount ticket prices while still turning a profit and delivering massive value to your audience!
If you’re looking to build influence in the industry, generate massive amounts of leads and make a little money while you’re at it, this may be the model for you.
Cost To Start: $500 – $1000
Expert: Imran Esmail @ Escape Your Desk Job

10. Become An Uber Driver

What Is It?
Which one of these is not like the other? Uber Driving may not be something that you can start online, but it hits all of our other criteria, and you can start making money instantly. If you need some additional cash to fund any of the ideas above (or just take a trip to Thailand and lay on a beach sipping Mai Tais), this may be your ticket.
Business Insider broke down the number of weekly trips you’d need to make to rake in $100,000 in dozens of American cities. In San Fran, you only need 96 trips (13 per day) while in Dallas you’ll need to pack in 198 (28 per day). If you live in a major metropolitan area, Uber & Lyft are definitely worth a look.
Cost To Start: Free!
There you have it, 10 business ideas that are proven to gross at least $100,000 that you can start on right this second. The only thing you need to do now is get started! If you’re one of those people who tends to suffer from “I don’t have time” syndrome, check out my post on the routine I used to start two businesses while working full time.