Visualization - creating images in the imagination of the desired reality. This is one of the most powerful tools for achieving the goals. V...

What is a Visualization and How it Works?

Visualization - creating images in the imagination of the desired reality. This is one of the most powerful tools for achieving the goals. Visualization is easy to use. Dreams and fantasies, imagination and mental rehearsal - all examples of visualization desires.

Have you paid attention to the fact that dreams come true without any effort? Evidently, they spent but did not give this znacheniya.V it there is a pattern that, if we use the experience of Eastern philosophy and achievements of Western scientific thought, is displayed on the level of law. You are probably familiar with the theory, according to which everything in the universe, from the electromagnetic waves and ending with cobblestones lying on the road, it has a single, energy, nature. 

That is, everything in the universe is made of energy clots that may occur in a variety of forms. This means that the idea of a directed energy clot can affect everything that happens in this world. That is, the idea can work. Using the power of imagination, you can not only buy excellent health and certain qualities of character but also to attract the crucial situations, for example, to find a friend or get money. It can be used in various fields of activity.

What is a visualization and how it works

To understand what is the visualization of desires and how it works, we need to know about the conscious and subconscious mind functions. We think with our mind (the rational mind), and when our thoughts are repeated, they seep into our subconscious (creative mind). The subconscious mind begins to accept the idea of truth and to bring its content to life. It creates the circumstances in which our repetitive thoughts start to manifest in reality.

The positive effect of visualization desires as scientists assume because the brain is unable to draw the line between the real event in which we actually involved and the alleged event, we clearly realize. Thus, if a person begins to periodically imagine some situation or desired event (all the same that - buying a car or a trip to Paris), then subconsciously he has the desire to fulfill it. The mind of man can understand that to realize conceived it does not have any right now financially possible, either time. But the subconscious is already started its work on search options and ways to achieve the desired. Because this phrase is often used as a visualization of desires.

The subconscious mind - 

our most reliable partner in achieving success. It is truly omnipotent and limitless as the universe. It listens to the thoughts, Roya Chim ya in the depths of the brain, and immediately makes its findings. The preferred language is the language of the mental images. 
While it is equally well aware of the language of words, it is readily amenable to the influence of pictures. That is why visualization is the most efficient way to deliver a subliminal message about what you want. Using the rules of display and knowing what can be errors in the visualization, we are able to achieve some of the experience and skills, not by training, but at the expense of a little rest and imagination mental image.

For many people, the main component of visualization Chelan's- imagination. For example, a feature of many geniuses is their extraordinary ability to visualize. 
In fact, people like Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Walt Disney, Nikola Tesla, and even Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, attributed to the creative genius of its ability to visualize.

All of us from time to time we run into problems. However, the expectation of the worst plunges us into prostration and deprives the ability to operate efficiently. But if we in imagination "bridge" your mind and heart over the obstacle, it can be overcome and our physical body. The result - the inevitable consequence of a line of thought.