Could you believe children can teach you about becoming happy? It's no secret that happiness can be found in many unexpected places. Did...

15 Things Children Can Teach Us About Happiness

Could you believe children can teach you about becoming happy? It's no secret that happiness can be found in many unexpected places. Did you notice that kids around you are more likely to be happy other than anyone? So if you want to be happy, take a look on kids behavior. 
Small children. They are sticky. They drip a lot. And they load our stuff. But we would not change them for the world. We can not. Actually, it's not allowed. Most countries have very strict laws on this.
So, as we have to stay for the next 18 years or more, learn from them. This is what children can teach us about happiness. (And, technically, there are more things kids can show us. If you want more, here is my first list).

1. Kids follow their instinct. 

Young children do not spend a lot of time turning around whether they have made the right decision. They prefer to turn around if you have given them the right colored glass to eat.

15 Things Children Can Teach Us About Happiness
2. Live the moment. 

Kids do not rejoice in the past. They do not care about the future unless they have been told that it is almost time to go to bed.

3. Believe. 

The little children believe in the little mouse, in Santa Claus and in the power of the band-aids. At best, trying to take off the paper from the adhesive part distracts them from what causes them pain. And when all else fails, put on a band-aid.

4. Kids do things. 

They draw. Sculpt. They stick. They paint. They cut everything that falls into their hands. Actually, save all your scissors and do not say you were not warned.

5. Dance. 

Do you know the expression "dance like nobody's looking at you"? That's what they do. Except for all the times they make sure that someone looks at them.

6. Hum. 

The children hum for themselves enough. Why do they hum? Because they do not know how to whistle.

7. Say what you think. 

They loose what goes through their heads. They do not need to draw anything from inside because they have already said everything they needed to say from the beginning. If the adults did the same, they would drink a lot less on Thanksgiving.

8. Children do not care if it's new. 

Children's favorite movies are the ones they watch over and over again. Your favorite books are what you have read and reread. And if they have a favorite item, they will want to wear it every day. And the adults? We are obsessed with the new. We want to be the first to eat at a new restaurant, watch a premiere movie or buy the latest designer handbag. We, adults, are hefty with these things.

9. Children's stop to smell the roses. 

They are fantastic smelling things. Of course, the irony of all this is that they do not know to go to the bathroom alone and does not seem to care a shit ** their own ya-you know-what.

10. Do not discriminate. 

Unless kids are told otherwise, they accept everyone. Well, to everyone except babies. The number one insult to a young child is to call him "baby."

11. When kids are afraid, they admit it. 

This allows us to help them alleviate their fears. Sometimes the solution is as easy as leaving a light on at night. May our concerns be resolved with light.

12. Accept compliments. 

When you give them a compliment, they will probably reply with a "thank you" or an "I already know."

13. Kids take a nap. 

They may resist kicking and screaming, but most young children take a nap and get up new and improved. We'd all be a little better if we took a nap. (And richer too, because we would spend a lot less money at Starbucks.)

14. Children go to bed early. 

But it is not by its own foot, and it costs us much effort because they believe the expression "sleeping shrimp is taken by the current."

15. Kids march to the beat of their own drum. 

Literally. Children can often be found marching in their homes while they hit things.