Do you think you do not make mistakes or do you miss any details? You may be a perfectionist person, that is, a being whose ideal is to beh...

How do you know if you are a perfectionist?

Do you think you do not make mistakes or do you miss any details? You may be a perfectionist person, that is, a being whose ideal is to behave and act without fail, and who expects everything around him to function in the same way. How do you know if you are?

Everyone commented on mistakes. Hence the famous phrase "to err is from humans." There is perfectionism when you can not understand this, and therefore neither you nor others are allowed to make mistakes. The level of self-demand to develop and fulfill any task is very high, so the pressure, responsibility, and burden are enormous. Woman meditating in the lotus position closeup

Certain levels of perfectionism can achieve pathological characteristics that significantly reduce the quality of life, that is when it is necessary to seek psychological help. If the condition is not extreme, daily reflections and exercises can transform existence.

Are you a perfectionist? These signs will make you better acquainted and give you clarity about how you should act for your well-being and that of your loved ones.

Do you need more energy to develop your day-to-day activities? These keys will help you.

Eight characteristics of the perfectionist

  1. It does not accept criticism: it feels threatened its capacities and opinions when someone says to him that it is not doing something well or gives him suggestions.
  2. Fear prevents you from risking: you like to go safe and not so much that you can generate a failure or loss in your work life, personal and academic.
  3. There is no peace of mind if the result is not satisfactory: a small detail negatively and ultimately transforms the final product. A stain on a poorly washed dish or a wrinkle on a shirt, for example, are grounds to start over. As a result may not be as expected, the perfectionist does not feel calm.
  4. Excellently is not enough: what is the point at which perfection is achieved? The perfectionist does not find it.
  5. Procrastinate as a defense mechanism: as it is not encouraged to take risks quickly and fears criticism, the perfectionist ends up leaving tasks for the latter and postpones compromises. This is a way to avoid what you believe will not be as perfect as you expect.
If you are a perfectionist, work healthily to improve and not see life only as perfect squares that should always fit. Life is beautiful with its lights and shadows, with all the good and bad that it brings every day. To give in false steps is part of the good taste of existence!
6. Differentiate is important: if you make everything perfect, how can you be in the same position as the others? The perfectionist seeks to be recognized and does not mind spending much time on something to feel different and show up as such.

7. He becomes easily discouraged: not meeting one's own or other expectations and the urgent need to impress (the pressure that this generates), can depress or discourage someone who has a perfectionist personality.

8. Joy to the mistakes of others: if others are wrong, the perfectionist feels calm because they do not compete with their abilities.

Are you a perfectionist? If you are someone who is fighting for being perfect, then these recommendations for growth and improvement will be useful. How to combat perfectionism?

Accept that you may have flaws.

  • Do not take off the feet of the earth: be realistic in front of what you can or can not achieve.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of others: would you like people to rejoice over your failure? Cherish the efforts of those around you and be happy for their triumphs.
  • Forgive your mistakes and think what is critical to you. The way you travel or what you get with learning?
  • If someone criticizes you, think that it is not hurting you, but you are acquiring new knowledge and experiences.
  • Think positively and attract the good.
  • Get help from a psychologist to share your fears and face situations that discourage you.
Are you a perfectionist? Tell us in a comment if you have had difficulties to be. If you are not, what do you think of the perfectionists?