Some are intelligent, others are obvious. You could do some of them more often. The world needs it.  Trying to make someone happy when they ...

50 Ways to Make Someone Happy

Some are intelligent, others are obvious. You could do some of them more often. The world needs it. Trying to make someone happy when they are depressed is one of the best ways to feel the awesomeness creature.

50 Ways to make someone happy

1. Smile. Obvious, but try to do it this morning when leaving home. 
2. Help someone to load something. 
3. Send someone an email of thanks. Even if you just thank him for being alive. 
4. Call only to find out what you are doing. 
5. Yes, even if it's your mom. Especially if it's your mom. 
6. Bring flowers. 
7. Prepare a good meal. 
8. Try a fish dish; the Omega 3 helps to raise the mood. 
9. Peel and cut an orange and offer it to someone. Nobody likes to take that job; you can do it for someone. 
10. Tell a joke. 

11. Try some of the great Groucho Marx. "He can look like an idiot and act like a fool. But do not be fooled: he is a fool. " Or "I'm sorry if I call you gentlemen; Is that I do not know them very well. " Or "marriage is the primary cause of divorce." 
12. Clean. 
13. Write a love letter to a loved one. 
14. Extra points for not citing another author. 
15. Give someone a book. 
16. Bake cookies. 
17. Praise publicly. 
18. Not only by Facebook, if they are not on social networks, contact your friends. 
19. Thank a partner for doing a good job. 
20. Listen carefully. 

21. Introduce yourself when you are needed. 
22. Give a hug. Only someone who wants it. 
23. Spend time with him/her, have fun. 
24. Watch a TV series together. We recommend some comedy on DVD. 
25. Do favors or tasks. 
26. Say "I love you." Only people who can appreciate it. 
27. Help them to get ahead. 
28. Concentrate on weaknesses and offer solutions. A friend who had problems with his workload loved rescue time. Com, a site that increases your productivity by segmenting your hours. 
29. To brighten a co-worker, write an excellent testimony on LinkedIn. 
30. Be proud of them. 

31. Take care of children if they need it. 
32. Host someone if you need it. 
33. Buy them tickets to the movies. 
34. Make a package with a little gift. 
35. Includes chocolate. 
36. Good coffee. Yes, the office is real. 
37. Make a list of things you love about them. 
38. In secret, leave notes of thanks.
39. In places that will surprise you like the first aid kit, your shoes, your wallet, your pants pocket. 
40. Give a back massage when appropriate. 

41. Make a good snack when you have a stressful day. 
42. Unprocessed, these products, as shown, only induce depression. 
43. Love it, completely. 
44. Be happy (this is the hardest). 
45. If you complain about a problem, write it down. If a year later you keep complaining, your friends are tired of hearing it, look for help. 
46. Seriously, help yourself. Make yourself master of your life. 
47. Wear suntan lotion in the winter that will evoke the summer. 
48. In fact, follow your New Year's resolutions, do you remember them? 
49. Live as if you were several years younger. 
50. You know yourself better than anyone. Do something that makes you happy and makes people happy around you and loves you. Nobody loses.