We all have good days, bad days and days when it would be better not to get out of bed but, unfortunately, life does not wait for anyone, an...

5 Tips to be more productive

We all have good days, bad days and days when it would be better not to get out of bed but, unfortunately, life does not wait for anyone, and we have to be at the bottom of the canyon in the worst. 

That's why we are sharing five useful tips to keep you productive even in those worst moments. Go for it!


The first of our advice has to do with planning. That is: making a good summary of what lies ahead will help us to specify each of our problems to give them the best solution. It can help us deal with related problems at the same time, or just subtract value from the individual when we are dealing with the whole. Writing our next steps will also help us to discover mistakes in the planned and to be able to correct them in time.
"Every time you plan, risk, fail, revalue or make adjustments, you are having another opportunity to start over, only in better conditions than the first time" -John C. Maxwell.


It is critical to be documented and, if we are in one of those moments of the productive downturn, what better time to pause and learn? Reading will bring us all those little tools that will solve problems almost without our realizing it. Information is a treasure: do not forget!
"The author only writes half the book. The reader must occupy the other half. "-Joseph Conrad.


The Internet is a vast world where we can find many solutions if we know what and where to look. Try to focus on what kind of information you are useful and what are the reliable places from where to keep up to date on the issues that matter most to you. It is the key always to stay one step ahead of the competition, do not forget to stay up to date.
"The best way to predict the future is to invent it" -Alan Kay.


As you embark on individual projects, you realize that other people are or have gone through similar processes. Learning from those around you, from those who face the same problems as you, can help you not to make your mistakes. Evolution dictates that mistakes are learned, but they do not always have to live in their flesh!
"Nothing is as easy or as useful as knowing how to listen a lot" -Juan Luis Vives.


Rest is as important as all the above. If we are not with the batteries well loaded, we will realize that, in one of these moments of the downturn. We will not have the minimum forces necessary to write our plans, read to other professionals, observe and document with videos about it and listen to those who We are close in similar situations. Do not sacrifice rest by producing more or you will realize that by doing so, your productivity level will drop to zero.
"If you want to be wise, learn to reasonably question yourself, listen carefully, respond calmly and keep quiet when you have nothing to say" -Johann Kaspar Lavater.
You know: they can be five words of the most common but, if we intend to use them properly, they can make a big difference in our day to day. Give them a chance and keep them creative until they come poorly given. Good week!