What is a success? Who or who decides if you are a successful person? When do you succeed? How do you know that you no longer have to fight ...

20 Symptoms That You Are Succeeding In Your Life

What is a success? Who or who decides if you are a successful person? When do you succeed? How do you know that you no longer have to fight to achieve it?

The answer to these questions is as subjective and personal as oneself decides that it is, when and why of your success you choose it every day of your life.

According to an article posted on lifehack.com, these are the twenty keys that you are succeeding in your life even if you are not aware of it.

  • Your personal relationships are no longer as dramatic and passionate as in other stages of your life.
  • You have lost the fear of recognizing that you need help and offering it to others when they need it. This gesture of humility is not a sign of weakness but maturity
  • You identify with principles and values ​​that guide your life. Not allowing others to break through certain moral barriers, offering respect and demanding it are symptoms that you are making decisions about how you want to be in life.
  • You assume that you can not do everything or like everyone and you can let go of those situations that are supposed to wear an additional energy. Loving yourself is essential to be sincere and faithful to your person, and subsequently, offer that same to others with total peace of mind.
  • You value yourself and accept yourself as you are. You must be aware of your good things, of all the good things in you that you can contribute, although it is also important to be conscious of your weaknesses and weaknesses to know how to deal with them in certain situations. Accepting yourself is the only way to get others to love you and value you as you are.
  • You have learned that mistakes teach, that your failures are but one step forward like all others. They are the way to learn from yourself.
  • You have a circle of trusted people that supports you when you hit and when you make mistakes. To be sure, not all of your relatives are reliable people, but they are all part of your life. It is a significant step in maturity and personal success.
  • You do not spend all day complaining about everything. The situation at the moment is not ideal, but complaining constantly does not solve anything. Working, accepting, taking and smiling at the world is the healthiest way to face the day-to-day, vain complaints are often not carried out.
  • You can celebrate successes with others, own and others.
  • If you have goals and struggles with a passion for them, you are more fortunate than the rest. You know you have talent and that those goals are within your reach before or after, you will achieve it.
  • You live with enthusiasm, your interests expand every day, and new goals appear on your path. You are alive, and you have joy!
  • The enthusiasm with which you live will increase as many goals as you have achieved in your life. From the mistakes, one learns, and the successes feed the next goals.
  • You empathize with your environment. When you can put yourself in the other's place, get closer to what you feel to your fears and joys, positive energy and connections increase, and this favors advantageous situations in your life.
  • On an emotional level, you are open to receiving the love and affection that others want to give you as well as to offer it to others. We are people, and as such we have emotional needs to cover with our peers.
  • The more you reject the role of victim and accept the troubles of life, the more success you will achieve.
  • That you care what others say about you is normal, but you must be clear about the opinion of who cares.
  • In life everything has two faces, if you strive to see the positive side, everything will flow much better. All situations give you an experience from which you can learn something if you know how to see it.
  • You accept that there are things that can not be changed.
  • You try to change by whatever means possible that which is in your hand to change. This denotes a great value and passion for making the world a better place from your point of view.
  • Lastly and most importantly, if you look at your life and look at yourself and you can openly say that you are happy, you are undoubtedly a successful person in life. When you like yourself you feel comfortable; you feel alive, you feel happy, and this will lead you, probably faster, to successes in other fields of your life. We find it more enjoyable to deal with people who believe in themselves.
  • With good and bad, believe in yourself and try to be the best version of yourself every day, by and for you.