Everyone wants to be happy & success, So, what are the best commandments for a good life?  There are no formulas for success. They do no...

The 20 Commandments of a Successful Life

Everyone wants to be happy & success, So, what are the best commandments for a good life? There are no formulas for success. They do not exist because there is not a single definition of success, not a single path leading to it. What to you may be the success, for the other person may not be.

However, certain parameters or commandments apply to the vast majority. And that if you decide to live based on them, you can distinguish and make a positive impact.

Most likely, these 20 commandments for a good life are difficult to apply, but success and worthwhile things do not come easily. So be strong and give each day your best version:

1. Have a person at your side to make you better. Do not look for someone perfect, but it does make you feel that you are in the right place. Find someone who is what you are not.

2. Have a job that makes you get up early with a smile on your face. A job that makes you deliver your best version, that on Sunday at night motivates you and not make you have an existential crisis.

3. Expect little from people and be sure to deliver more than they expect from you. Remember that happiness is not found in what you receive, but in what you deliver.

4. You can always do more with a positive mindset than having a "half-empty" view of life. If you feel that the place where you are prevents you from being, look for a new one. Do not limit yourself to your circumstances.

5. You will not always be right, and many times you will be wrong. Okay, it's part of the process and the experience of life. Take the consequences and learn the lesson.

6. Be generous with the people you have with you. Live experiences that make you love your life, that vibrate your heart.

7. If you want your odds of success to increase significantly, regardless of what you want to achieve, it persists. Persist, try and never stop trying. If you think you can do it, there should be no limitation.

8. Saving and investing your money should not be something casual in your life, or depending on your income. Both should be a habit, even when you earn little.

9. Do not treat people according to their social status, income or level of convenience. Treat as you like to be treated. Make a difference, one person at a time.

10. Apply the Kaizen methodology in your life, improve 1% every day, and you will see that continuous improvement will become a habit.

11. Focus on quality and not quantity. Apply for your relationships, possessions, moments and experiences that you decide to live.

12. You will find happiness when you stop looking for it in the things you have, in power or appearances. Happiness is found in the simplest things in life.

13. Be faithful to your principles, your values and what you feel. Do not change to impress others or to create an image of you that does not correspond to you.

14. Have the initiative to undertake any type of projects. Apply for your personal life, for your business or any idea you have. Do not expect someone to come and do it for you.

15. In life, you will have to make decisions with little information, with many doubts and with a high probability of failure. In those moments you will measure yourself by your ability to decide and deal with situations, not by their result.

16. Assume your life and do not look for guilty by the situation that you are living. Look at yourself in the mirror, you are the product of the decisions you have made.

17. You will be more repentant for all the things that you did not do for fear, than those that you did and that did not go as you hoped. It is preferable the scar of the brave than the intact skin of the fearful.

18. Never forget that the people around you, who love you and make your life special are the most valuable assets you have. No good material surpasses the moments that you spend with your family and friends.

19. Value your time and never change it for money. If you lose money you can recover, your time once again never returns.

20. Finally, ask yourself every day what you can do to improve your quality of life. Do not settle or stay in your comfort zone.