Valentine's Day is celebrated every 14th of February and represents the day of lovers. The origin of this date goes back to the time of ...

Valentine's Day: Who Was Valentine And Why is Valentine Celebrated on February 14?

Valentine's Day is celebrated every 14th of February and represents the day of lovers. The origin of this date goes back to the time of the Romans, although it was in the twentieth century that was "marketed" as a millennial tradition. 

There are several theories about the origin of this date that is celebrated all over the world.
The most recent Valentine dates back to 1840 when Esther A. Howland began selling the first massive postcards of lovers, known as "valentines," with symbols such as the shape of the heart or Cupid. 

Valentine's Day: Who Was Valentine And Why is Valentine Celebrated on February 14?
However, some believe that it is a Christianized festival of paganism since in ancient Rome worship was performed to the god of love, whose Greek name was Eros and whom the Romans called Cupid. In this celebration, they asked for favors to the God, and they offered gifts or offerings to obtain thus to find the ideal Enamorado.

Others center the origin of the history of Saint Valentine in the Rome of Century III, time in which Christianity was persecuted. In this period, marriage between soldiers was also banned because single men were believed to perform more on the battlefield than married men because they were not emotionally attached to their families.

When is Valentine's Day 2017?

This year Tuesday, February 14 is the Valentine's Day, people wanted to celebrate and show their feelings of love, and friendship. Every year this day will be celebrated on February 14th.

Who was Valentine?

 Saint Valentine was a priest who in the third century exercised in Rome. Governed the Emperor Claudius II, who decided to prohibit the celebration of marriages for the young, because in his opinion the unmarried singles were better soldiers since they had fewer ties. 

The priest considered the decree unjust and challenged the emperor. He secretly held marriages for young lovers. Emperor Claudius heard of it, and as Saint Valentine had a great prestige in Rome, he called him to the palace. Saint Valentine took advantage of this opportunity to proselytize Christianity. Although at first Claudius II showed interest, the army and the governor of Rome persuaded him to cut off his head.

Emperor Claudius then ordered that Valentin is imprisoned. Then Officer Asterius, in charge of detaining him, wanted to ridicule and test Valentin. He challenged her to return her sight to a daughter of her own, named Julia, who was born blind. Valentin accepted and, in the name of the Lord, returned the view.

This convulsed Asterius and his family, who converted to Christianity. Valentinus, however, continued to be imprisoned, and Emperor Claudius ordered him to be martyred and executed on February 14, 270. Young Julia, grateful to the saint, planted an almond tree with pink flowers by her tomb. Hence the almond tree is a symbol of lasting love and friendship.

The body of St. Valentine is currently preserved in the Basilica of the same name that is located in the Italian city of Terni. Every February 14th, an act of commitment is celebrated in this temple by different couples who want to join in marriage the following year.

When is Valentine's Day?

The Valentine's Day for the year 2017 is celebrated on Tuesday, February 14th.

What is Valentine's Day?

The Day of Love and Friendship is celebrated worldwide on the same day in different cultures and nations. Nevertheless, in the vast majority of countries of the world, the celebration of the lovers is fulfilled the 14 of February, that agrees with the day of Valentine.

The date in honor of the saint, who was martyred by the Roman Emperor Claudius II, was established in 1969.

Valentine suffered the inclemency of Claudius II because he disobeyed his orders to prohibit marriages because he thought that married soldiers did not give as much performance in wars as uniformed singles.

Saint Valentine in all corners of the world materializes the union between the lovers because despite the restrictions the saint married those who sincerely loved.

For this reason, millions of people exchange gifts and expressions of affection on this date, indicated as an excellent opportunity to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and love.

Valentine is buried in the Italian city of Terni, where every year hundreds of people come to renew their promises of love.