How do you spend vacation? Do anything during this holiday season that really thrills you. Make your vacation more enjoyable, No matter whe...

Top 10 Best Things To Do On Vacation (Holiday Bucket List Ideas)

How do you spend vacation? Do anything during this holiday season that really thrills you. Make your vacation more enjoyable, No matter whether you are spending your vacation at home or traveling abroad, make this holiday season the most fun ever by knowing and applying with these things to do on vacation at home.
Take advantage of this season to relax, have fun, be with your loved ones and reflect on your past and future.

Holidays. A beautiful word that often does not exist in the vocabulary of an entrepreneur. Stop the full weeks of vacation you had when you studied; A day or two out of the office sounds crazy and unthinkable. How will my business survive if I am not? What will my employees do in my absence? What happens if a customer looks for me and I miss an opportunity to be out of reach?

The reality is that everyone will survive; You, your business, your team and your customers. And it is also true that both you and your collaborators need to take time away from work to think and do the things that they are passionate about. 

Top 10 Best Things To Do On Vacation (Holiday Bucket List Ideas)
This post is writing for you to let you know a list of things to do during this holiday season. Think for creative things to do during the holidays and don't be bored again.

So if you already convinced yourself to give yourself a short holiday mid-year (even if you can not go to a beach), take note of 10 things you should not stop doing: holiday bucket list ideas

holiday bucket list ideas

1. Share time with your family and friends

Yes, it sounds obvious, but most likely during the first few months of your business, you have neglected even the closest and most rewarding relationships. These days give them quality time and forget about your laptop and cell phone. Take advantage that the city is half empty to go to parks or places that your partner, parents or children have wanted to go all year.

Do not forget your best friends; Those who have been with you in the good and the bad. Call them and arrange a meeting with them. You will notice how much you needed to laugh and have a few drinks with people who love you and trust you.

2. Read a good book.

The demands and obligations of the day today make us forget the things we enjoy most. If you are passionate about reading, take advantage of this season to read that book you had waiting on your shelf or a good friend gave you. Besides relaxing and having a good time, you will surely get teachings that will help you to be better next year.

The same thing happens with your favorite programs: these days may be ideal to watch the seasons of your series that, due to lack of time, you could not complete.

3. Exercise at holiday bucket list ideas

Exercising is good for your health, mood and concentration. Practice some sport you really enjoy, whether it's a Zumba or yoga class, running in the park, biking, swimming, and so on. The idea is to enjoy it and at the same time strengthen your muscles and bones that probably spent much of the year sitting uncomfortably in front of your screen.

4. Unplug

Again, nothing will happen if you miss a day, a weekend or a full week. Before taking a vacation, tell your customers and employees that you will be out of reach during certain dates and that they should only contact you in the case of an emergency. Also, it is essential that you define what is urgent and try to limit that list to the maximum. Avoid the temptation to check your emails, answer all calls and respond to messages.

5. Get in touch with nature

For those of us who live in big cities, a breath of fresh air can completely change our perspective and mood. Take advantage of these days to go to parks or natural areas close to you; 
You will be surprised by the number of spaces such as these in a metropolis like California State. To mention a few, there are the Ellen Pickett State Forest, Las Posadas State Forest, Jackson Demonstration State Forest are most popular. And if you want to know some nature and park name in New-York city I should mention Prospect Park, Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, Forest Park, and more.
Forest Ellen Pickett State (at the bottom of the 1st section, especially during the week, there is great tranquility).. In these places, you can relax and be inspired to be alone with yourself and find good ideas.

6. Write(holiday bucket list ideas)

The exercise of writing can not only be reassuring, but also a small therapy to reduce stress and unleash your creativity. Write on your computer or in a notebook about the best experiences you had this year and what your dreams are for the next. Putting things in writing makes them a little more real; In addition, you may realize that you can make it a habit and that it is an excellent idea to open a blog to promote yourself as an entrepreneur or expert in your industry.

7. Write thank-you cards

The end of the year is a good time to reflect. Take advantage of this impulse to hand-write cards that thank all of the people who helped you achieve your goals this year. It can be from your colleagues and partners to your family, friends, service people, suppliers, and so on. By following this technique you will most likely find that there are many people who support you and make life easier.

8. Buy a gift (holiday bucket list ideas)

Yes, you probably have a very tight budget and your business is absorbing all your capital. The idea is not to invest or spend too much, but give little thanks and a reward for what you worked this year. Think of one thing you really want and give it away.

9. Fix defects in your home

This is actually improving you productivity and make you life more simple. Instead of looking at the list of things to do during holiday season, think about your home. Make some change there as needed. 
It does not sound like the funniest thing in the world, but there are probably things in your home that do not work well and you have not had time to fix it. Doing so will improve your productivity and mood over the next few months, and you might even discover that it was much easier than you expected. You can also arrange drawers and your closet, to get rid of the things you no longer use and give them to those in need.

10. Have fun

As an entrepreneur, you'll probably find your job fun: you're doing what you want after all, right? Although they say that if you do what you passionate you will not work one of your days, the truth is that for pursuing this dream you had to sacrifice some things that amused you. Use these days to take them back; Go out with your friends, play football, go out to a nearby destination, visit a museum, read a comic, make a puzzle, go to the movies, play video games or throw a parachute. Any activity that really thrills you.