Knowing about very early pregnancy symptoms before missed period is essential for every woman. Morning sickness or vomiting is also very com...

The 11 Earliest (and less known) Symptoms That Show You Are Pregnant

Knowing about very early pregnancy symptoms before missed period is essential for every woman. Morning sickness or vomiting is also very common among pregnant ladies. You may notice a missed period before any other pregnancy symptom.

The absence of a period is, of course, one of the most obvious and common symptoms that herald a possible pregnancy. However, its presence may also indicate a pregnancy. 
Know the 11 earliest and least known symptoms that you are pregnant.
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The 11 Earliest (and less known) Symptoms That Show You Are Pregnant
What are the early signs of pregnancy? Early symptoms of pregnancy!

Having a child was one of my dreams, and I could not conceive until I used invitro fertilization. On the way to fulfilling my dream of being a mother, I learned that there are signs that confirm a pregnancy, which almost no woman knows.

Continue reading and discover how wonderful it will be to find out that within you lives that new being:

1. Increase of gasses

For some women, more than for others, this symptom is noticed in the first days of pregnancy. According to Karen Nordahl, an obstetrician in Vancouver and co-author of Fit for Childbirth said as quoted by Today Parents:. "Some women experience symptoms of pregnancy from the moment of conception usually are the mothers for the second or Third time those who remember some particular sensation, like the increase in the production of gasses ".

This symptom may begin in the first few days after conception, and unfortunately, it may extend to the end of pregnancy.

2. Tenderness or pain in the bust

This symptom is one of the most common and one of the first to appear when hormones begin to break the limits. That feeling of sensitivity or being trapped in your underwear probably does not mean that it has gotten you down.

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The confusing thing about this symptom is that it can also come up just before the period comes to you.

3. Heartburn

Nordahl explains that one of the earliest changes in the body of a pregnant woman, occur in the digestive system. Acid reflux is more common during pregnancy. If you notice that suddenly the same food that before did not do anything, now causes acid, you could be pregnant.

To decrease acidity, it is best that you avoid drinking drinks with caffeine and citrus fruits.

4. Liquid Retention

If your wedding ring gets stuck on your finger and your pants get tighter, it may be a symptom of pregnancy. As in the case of busts, this symptom is also common a few days before the period comes to you, and if you are anxious to conceive, this can cause false expectations.

If you are the type of woman who experiences these symptoms before getting upset, then do not consider them as a sign of pregnancy, unless some or some of the other symptoms also present themselves.

5. Acne

Once again our friend's hormones can wreak havoc everywhere, including on your skin. If you are experiencing the onset of acne (when this is not common in you), it is very likely that there is a baby on the way.

6. Very vivid dreams or nightmares

If you suddenly begin to remember all the details of your dreams, or you seem unable to escape the nightmares, you may be experiencing one of the symptoms of pregnancy. Of course, this can be a symptom, if it is something that does not happen to you regularly.

Lee in May that causes irreparable damage to your baby when you are emotionally abused in pregnancy.

7. Feeling of being full all the time (even if you have only eaten something small)

If you do not know that this is an early symptom of pregnancy, you may miss it, and you will just notice that change when notice the absence of your period.

"If it's your first baby, you probably will not see it, but in the second or third you'll notice it immediately," Nordahl explains. Usually, all happens to us a few days before the period, our appetite increases, and we eat everything. If you are pregnant, the opposite will happen to you.

8. Notice a change in the temperature of your body

Whether you go down or up, you will notice that what used to be comfortable to use to adjust to the climate of this time, now is not. Or you need more coats or fewer clothes, but the temperature change is noticeable.

9. Tiredness

The change in energy levels is something that you can also perceive. Lack of energy and sometimes insomnia are one of the earliest symptoms that your body is using the energy you have in something different (creating life).

10. Feeling a metallic taste in the mouth

One of the most different symptoms and that can hardly be ignored by women, is a different taste in the mouth, which is mostly referred to as a metallic taste in the mouth.

11. AUNSENCE of the period or short period

Lastly, one of the clearest symptoms is the absence of your period, especially if you are a regular woman. A very gentle period, or just a few drops, may also be the symptom of the embryo's implant and, therefore, of pregnancy.

Think you might be pregnant? Here are the most common early pregnancy signs. It is always recommended to take advice from any certified medical officer in the relavent field.