Born entrepreneurs feel dissatisfied as employees, followers or consumers. They want to build and expand their businesses. These are 50 hab...

50 Habits That Prove You Were Born to Be an Entrepreneur

Born entrepreneurs feel dissatisfied as employees, followers or consumers. They want to build and expand their businesses.
These are 50 habits of the people who were born to undertake. How many do you own?

1. You can not be quiet. You feel the concern be creating things , and great things.

2. Whenever you have ideas . Good or bad, but the flow of ideas never stops.

3. You can accurately pinpoint errors in other ideas. It is something that is given to you in a natural way.

4. Admire successful business owners. Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are just a few of your heroes.

5. You get excited when you see a successful business in action . Whether it's a local bar or a supermarket franchise, you can not help but smile when you see that a business is doing things right.

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6. If you work for someone, you constantly think of ways to improve your business. While you are working, you only think about how to grow it.

7. You hate to be told what to do. Resent receiving orders.

8. You love to learn new things. The tutorials and how-to's are perfect for you.

9. Disarm things to learn how they work. Remote controls, toasters, telephones-see the internal operation of these devices.

10. You dream of wealth. Money is not everything, but can not help but keep it in mind.

11. Do not give up easily. You face difficult challenges, but you move on.

12. You are disciplined with your habits. You have established routines that do not break easily.

13. Do not fear the hard work . In everything you do you give one hundred percent of you.

14. You like to take risks. You do not risk blindly, but you do not sit around waiting for things to happen.

15. You know how many people you can . You are not afraid to approach people and establish bonds.

16. You talk to all the people you know. Strangers do not intimidate you.

17. You recover from stumbling. You've experienced failures, but that has never stopped you.

18. You like to have the last word. You like to drive.

19. Set goals for yourself. Big or small, goals fill your life.

20. Aid to people when you can. You are interested in generating a positive effect on your environment.

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21. You find challenges in everything you do. You are looking for opportunities to challenge yourself.

22. Find ways to inspire other people. It inspires you to inspire.

23. You plan everything down to the last detail. Plans are a prerequisite to any activity.

24. Are you proud of yourself . You like who you are.

25. Help your friends solve their problems. You are great to analyze situations and find a way out.

26. Delegate tasks and allocate resources effectively, both in your business and at home.

27. Set deadlines for yourself. Do not make excuses to meet them .

28. You like to tell stories. You love sharing your experiences with others.

29. You are super competitive. Even playing a board game ignites the competitive spirit in you.

30. You get involved with things. If you see a car standing on the road, you stop to ask if you need help.

31. You take away from your life things you do not need. If something is inefficient or gets in the way, you simply push it aside.

32. Negotiate whenever you can. The flea and salary markets are just the beginning.

33. You see the potential of people. You do not see people for what they are: you see in them what they could become.

34. You remain calm in the middle of a crisis. When things get tough, you think logically.

35. You know how to get what you want. You do not let the opportunities go.

36. Avoid situations and people that only waste your time. Do not waste time playing with the cell phone and seeing photos of others in your social networks.

37. You are persuasive , convince people to get on your side. You're a born rhetorician.

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38. You make decisions with your head and not your emotions. In most cases, you trust your logic more than your emotions.

39. Do not forget the emotions of other people. You feel a great empathy for others .

40. When you get involved with projects that you are passionate about, you lose track of time. The hours fly when you sit down to work on something.

41. You often start projects born of passion. Each week you transform an idea into a hobby.

42. Constantly make changes in your home , your car or ... whatever. There is always something you can change or improve.

43. You are crazy about new technologies. You are addicted to learning about them and how they can improve your life.

44. You read the news each day is a habit that can not be avoided.

45. You devour books. Each book offers a new learning.

46. ​​You listen to your inner voice. You trust your instincts.

47. You listen to the advice of others. You make your own decisions, but you listen to the opinions of others.

48. Do not stay stranded in the past. When bad things happen, you keep walking.

49. You make sacrifices to get what you want. You know you have to sacrifice some things in life for a greater good.

50. You never stop pursuing your dreams . Take your aspirations seriously .... They are a part of you.

Most aspiring entrepreneurs carry it in their blood: they were born to undertake, so much so that anything else in life could not satisfy them. They feel dissatisfied as employees, followers or consumers. They want to create, build and expand their own businesses, and they are full of passion and will.

Were you born to undertake? If these habits sound familiar to you, it is time for you to begin to pursue your true mission in this life.