Damn! 11 basic things you won't believe you're all doing wrong!! Let's face it---life doesn't come with an instruction manua...

11 Everyday Things We're Doing Completely Incorrectly

Damn! 11 basic things you won't believe you're all doing wrong!! Let's face it---life doesn't come with an instruction manual. Despite this, you may be interested to find out that you have been doing many of these things incorrectly.

In our daily life science is present. However, we don't always give the necessary importance to their explanations of reality. As things go, myths and beliefs famous to our idea of facts. 
Thus, not all explanations are correct, and here you can see 11 facts of daily life wrongly explained.

11. It is necessary to drink water in large quantities

It is said that we should all take eight glasses of water per day, but no one tells us why. It does not need to be exactly that amount, but the one our body needs, and it can be more or less. This does not mean that we should all stop drinking water, but only not force our body. The water moisturizes us and is important when we feel we need it.

10. Men care less about relationships

It is not really that people are not affected by relationships, but that there are stereotypes that make us think of them as masculine and not very expressive. Relationships matter to them as much as women do, but socially a reserved man is better seen.

9. Shaving doesn't make your hair grow thicker

When you shave, it seems that your hair grows thicker, but it is only a matter of perception. To start with it builds from scratch, and its tip is thick. Also, the length makes them more easily pinch to the touch looking like they are thicker, but in fact they are equal.

8. Do not eat until you are full.

There is a big difference between being full and being satisfied. When we eat, we must ensure the latter, but not the first, because that means eating too much and hurting ourselves. Eating until you are satisfied, we guarantee that you will not gain weight.

7. The Coriolis effect does not determine which side goes the toilet water

No matter what I say, it is not the Coriolis effect determines which way the toilet water moves. The Coriolis effect is a force of inertia that determines the trajectory of the objects in a rotating frame of reference. However, the amount of water in the toilet is too small to be defined by it.

6. Antibiotics kill bacteria, not viruses

Whenever we talk of antibiotics stresses that kill viruses, but the truth is that they are the bacteria die. A virus can not be killed because it is not a living organism, and also, in many cases, the flu or cold can not be cured by these methods.

5. Sugar Causes Hyperactivity

The truth is that research has failed to find a link between hyperactivity and consumption of sugar. Other problems cause sugar, such as obesity, but as for hyperactivity, no evidence has been found. Some children are hyperactive for different reasons, which are not related to sugar.

4. Going cold does not make you sick

Colds are a viral infection in the respiratory system that does not appear simply because of weather. Viruses usually contract from one person to another, so it does not have much to do with the cold.

3. The 5-second rule does not work

This rule says that if you drop food on the floor and pick it up within 5 seconds, it is okay to eat it. The problem is that on the floor there are germs that automatically stick to anything, which implies that if it falls, it will immediately be contaminated.

2. Another person on the phone annoys us

More than the volume annoys us the fact of hearing a conversation in the middle. Our brain is not used to this kind of cut information and always wants to know how it ends the matter or fills in the gaps, something you can not do in a telephone conversation.

1. The rays can not fall in the same place twice

It is something that happens often, and there is nothing that prevents lightning from falling twice in the same location. In the field, they often hit the same tree several times, and the United States Empire State Building was hit several times. The famous saying means that having so many places, it is rare to go twice to the same, but remains wrong.