Everyone makes mistakes, including smart people, but an individual who doesn't make same mistakes again deserves to succeed. T  but they...

10 Mistakes Smart People Never Make Twice

Everyone makes mistakes, including smart people, but an individual who doesn't make same mistakes again deserves to succeed. T but they have the mental abilities to realize their mistakes, they learn from their experiences and try to never do the same thing.

It is a fact that everyone makes mistakes, but what is also true is that not everyone learns from them.

Researchers Clinical Psychophysiology Lab at the University of Michigan found that people can be pigeonholed into two camps when it comes to making mistakes:

10 Mistakes Smart People Never Make Twice
Fixed-minded people: "I give up, I'll never be good at this," and the growth-minded: "What have I done wrong? I'm going to try again so I will not go wrong again. "
Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them. - Bruce Lee
Those who have growth-mindedness use that knowledge of their own failures to grow, while the fixed-minded are destined to repeat them because they have put too much effort into ignoring them.

Not that people intelligent and fruitful immune to mistakes, simply have the necessary tools to learn from their mistakes. In other words, they immediately recognize the root of their confusion and do not make the same mistake twice again.

And as Paulo Coelho would say: "When a mistake is repeated it is no longer an error: it is a decision."
Here are some "wrong decisions" that must be avoided:

1. Believing that something or someone "is too good to be true."

Some people are so charismatic and safe that it can be very tempting to ignore them everything they tell us and talking about the success of your business and how you can get out benefited.

These characters just need to be cheated once before they start thinking twice about a deal that sounds too good to be true. The results of mixing ingenuity and lack of diligence can be catastrophic.

Smart people ask serious things before getting involved in the subject because they realized that no one is as good as he looks.

2. Do the same thing and expecting different results 

Albert Einstein says it's crazy to do the same thing and expect a different result. Even so, there are people who are sure that two plus two at some point can get to give five. On the other hand, intelligent people need only experience this frustration only once.

The fact is simple: if you keep the same approach, you will get the same fruits no matter how long you wait for them to be different. If a different solution is required, it is necessary to change the procedure, although this can be very painful.

3. Do not know how to wait

The Cunning people understand that gratification does not arrive quickly. Know that hard work comes long before the reward and knows how to use this as motivation through every step towards success.

4. Operating without a budget

can not experience financial freedom until you run under the scheme of a budget.

Personally and professionally, keeping you in system forces you to make better-informed decisions about what you need.

Smart people just have to deal with that pile of bills once, since they have the experience. For example, a latte in the morning is much less tempting if You know that it represents ten thousand pesos a year.
Having a budget is not only to realize that you have to pay the bills, to do this evaluation means never having to pass an opportunity for lack of capital.

5. Losing sight of the big picture

Just stay so focused on the job can throw you the whole picture. Smart people learn from this by never failing to evaluate their daily priorities according to the goal. It's not that they do not care about small-scale work, it's just that they have the discipline and perspective to adjust their process as necessary.

6. Do not do your homework

Have all made a "short cut" at some point, either copy him the task to a partner or enter a meeting without having prepared. Crafty people realize that luck does occasionally exist, but they also know that that thought will keep them away from one hundred percent of their potential. They understand that there is no substitute for hard work and that if they do not do their homework, they will never learn anything.

7. Trying to be someone you're not

is tempting to want to please everyone, but nobody really likes people "Queda has been." There are people who never seem to realize that everyone can see through their acts and they have missed opportunities for having tried to be someone they are not.

Meanwhile, intelligent people make that connection immediately and realize that happiness and success go hand in hand with originality.

8. Trying to please everyone

Smart people know it is impossible to please everyone, that to be effective you have to develop the courage to make decisions that they feel good, not what everyone would like.

9. Become the victim

Today our feeds are full of stories of people who "came forward" for impersonating a victim.

Insightful people tried it at some point but quickly realized that this is a form of manipulation and that any kind of benefit obtained would come to an end when people noticed that it was all a sham. Also, gambling involves giving up power and that is the highest price to pay. 

10. Trying to change someone

The only way people can really change is by choice. Even so, there are individuals who choose others full of problems to be able to "fix" them.

Smart people already tried to do this sometime and realized that that was going to be impossible, so he decides to live his life in a positive way avoiding problematic people.

Everyone makes mistakes, including smart people, but an individual who doesn't make same mistakes again deserves to succeed.
Emotionally intelligent people are lucky because they never stop learning from their mistakes or their own success and are constantly reinventing themselves to improve.