Stair climbing enhances your cardiovascular fitness. Climbing stairs often is recommended as a weight loss strategy. Our heart is capable of...

The Unexpected Benefits of Stair Climbing

Stair climbing enhances your cardiovascular fitness. Climbing stairs often is recommended as a weight loss strategy. Our heart is capable of pumping 2,000 gallons of blood (equivalent to 8,000 liters of blood) per day. However, the global research suggests, people tend to sit an average of 8 to 15 hours a day, so long sitting may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes , obesity, cancer, depression and problems with muscles and joints. Thus, the researchers encourage people not to sit continuously for 3 hours.

Health experts recommend that you should stand for at least 2 hours per day. Besides, combining more exercise will help you improve your health and reduce risk for major diseases.

The Unexpected Benefits of Stair Climbing
The change of exercise regime works to improve flexibility when moving, which enhances metabolic rate and various lobbying muscle in the body. This change does not require a user to a device or a new sports do, you just need to practice with the stuff available around you like using the stairs and you will get the results significantly.

Make friends with stairs

You should encourage yourself taking the stairs rather than the elevator if you do not want to be obese. In fact, in the US, the architects are being asked to design the priority projects stairs rather than the elevator to encourage people to take the stairs more select. Although the stairs are not really help you lose weight, but you can improve the physique and help muscle groups more efficient operation.

Taking the stairs is a very beneficial exercise for heart health. In case you want to exercise, but the weather conditions did not allow, you can choose to exercise simple stair climbing in your own home or at the company. However, in good weather conditions, you should go out to practice to absorb the sun and enjoy the fresh air.

Benefits of stair climbing for heart health

These exercises cardiovascular effects using stairs bring more benefits as training on the ground because they help increase your heart rate faster, while incorporating movement thigh muscles before, after and muscles in the body simultaneously. In other words, the effect of anti-gravity exercises this gives your body a lot more positive results.

Start your training session with the boot as the step movement up and down slowly, head high and stretching out the back, each one three times. The launch will help the blood flow to the legs and heart beat faster.

The exercise helps the body make healthy

Besides training with the stairs, following some exercises also helps the muscle groups in the legs stronger, and increase heart rate and brings strong benefits help the body just can replace workouts Heart.

Improved flexibility and links the nervous system

According to the central control and disease prevention (CDC), each year millions of people over age 65 falls due to shock or loses balance. Therefore, improving the flexibility and links the nervous system will help people better balance, while reducing the risk of accidents due to falls. You can overcome this difficulty with some of the following actions:

Group exercise calf (Calf Raise)

  • Face toward the stairs, to the left half a foot in the position adjacent to the edge of the stairs, holding the calf suspended; 
  • Lift the right leg up, and his right hand rails on stairs to the fulcrum to balance; 
  • Slowly lower down, left and right heel portion lower edge of the stairs you are standing, when feel part of the calf muscles stretch as you have made the right moves and know; 
  • Nasal basal body left leg raised to the highest level that you can do.
Perform this exercise 10 times for each leg.

Buttocks muscle relaxation

Exercise will help relax the muscles and muscle groups in the body joints flexible and softer.
  • Keep your feet must touch the floor, left foot ladder placed in the 3rd or 4th (you should start from the lower level to ensure safety). 
  • Touch both hands on the knees of his left leg. Slowly lower the man down. Back straight and facing forward.
Perform exercises 5 times on each side.

Advocacy 15 minutes a day

You should apply these exercises to build yourself a suitable exercise for 15 minutes.

Here are the rules you need to remember:

  • Start with slow movements as if you just get used as anti-gravity exercise makes the exercise more difficult. In case you are trying too hard and felt sore after the first training session, can not continue any longer, the quality of the whole process will be greatly reduced. 
  • "There is no success without going through the pain" does not seem appropriate for the case that we are referring to. You can still exercise to gradually increase the difficulty of the exercise, but should not be affected muscles, causing pain. Always breathe regularly when doing any exercise.