Loneliness isn't as bad as it sounds. Being alone isn't a bad thing, it's very natural feelings we have in different stages of l...

If You're Lonely When You're Alone, You're in Bad Company

Loneliness isn't as bad as it sounds. Being alone isn't a bad thing, it's very natural feelings we have in different stages of life. Feeling alone is not a permanent emotion, its a part of our emotions which can be healed by improving self-esteem. 
What do you do when you feel lonely? How do you cope with your loneliness? If you are alone in solitude, you are in bad company. If you're feeling lonely you're depressed. If you feel really alone & like no one cares it, can be difficult to know what to do in such situation to cope with loneliness. We are depending on our technology to do any possible and preferable thing to done. This thing come to a difficult point to practice solitude. Ask anyone, "Solitude" they won't be able to answer what, why or how. Practicing solitude is a long forgotten art in today’s society.
Lately I feel a little lonely, although I have around people that anyone would like to have next. I feel alone and I can't quite understand why. On the other hand, when I am in my room and there is no one to cover my own noise is also when I feel more lonely.

I know that makes me feel bad company. I feel lonely being alone and it's terrible: I don't want to hear what I have to say and I have the feeling of being the saddest person in the world. In addition, the panic is so deep that I have to silence that I constantly avoid it because in it, I see myself unprotected and vulnerable.

There are many people who have experienced this and you may be going through it right now. It is normal and you don't have to be ashamed: it's so simple to fill with emptiness and we all dread the possibility that it comes to our life.

Loneliness is not always bad

Often, when one sees the shadow of loneliness, it is observed disguising it so that the voids do not emerge. Or it is isolated in its melancholy. In that state you only get pain and you forget, a little or a lot, who you really are.

The first essential step to combat that discontent so terrifying, so bad and that prevents to enjoy what you have, is to face it and accept it. Yes, we must always name what happens to us, so you can be granted a place and act upon it when acting as a weight and not as an aid.

Being alone can be an experience you enjoy, That you need at times to regain strength or do something creative. -Elsa Punset
Loneliness doesn't have to be bad. To convince you of that affirmation is the following movement: it is to recognize that the defenselessness is only a mirage of a heart that needs will. That is to say, being alone can become a great opportunity: to walk, to travel, to read, to meditate... Perhaps it is the most courageous way to discover oneself and to begin to love oneself, since one can not expect that the others will take care when one is not able to clothe to herself.

In the lonely one discovers that she is not alone

Loneliness can be the most desired embrace and is within the reach of everyone. The moments of silence are capable of frightening, but also of purifying, reassuring and comforting. The solitude that gives happiness is that which it finds and welcomes so that we can become our best company.

You are never alone if you do not allow yourself to. One is born to relate to others and, therefore, to share their lives with those to whom they are emotionally closer. However, is not it true that the closest person I have is me? Why do I want to reject that?

"I'm never completely alone, I'm always with myself" -Anonymous-
There is a certainty in all this. And is that, at birth, you are already a heart beating and you can not refuse to be with yourself. Why not make it easier ?, Why not take the opportunity to enjoy life? The best way to endure loneliness is to receive it to strengthen the bond that unites us with our essence.

I want to be alone with someone who also wants to be

We are not alone whenever we can shout that there is still something that identifies us, which shows us that it is worth fighting. Not only do we have it, although the feeling blinds us, we know that there are people around who deserve surrender.

It is possible to think that there is your family, your wife, your husband, your children and even that there are friends, but you feel alone. We are in a society that is increasingly communicated by technology and requires more time for work and less for personal relationships. However, that does not mean that they do not want us, that they are not there.

In this case perhaps your dependence is collaborating with the loneliness to make you feel this way: maybe it is good that you seek freedom, spaces, hobbies, etc., in what you feel complete without needing to share it.