Failure is a natural and powerful psychological force, use it to become success. Failure is not an option and never will be. Being human you...

The Bright Side of Failure: Why Failure is Good for Success?

Failure is a natural and powerful psychological force, use it to become success. Failure is not an option and never will be. Being human you can not escape from doing mistake and failure. Better to find positive effects of failure and try to become success next time. Learn from failure, to rebound off a backboard is the only way to success. Find positive effects of failure, it must have something good in failure. That's the bright side of failure. Think positive way, that something great is coming to you, if you learn from your failure. The faster you take a positive step forward, the quicker you can achieve success.

Positive failure: Isn’t this an oxymoron? What good can come from failing? The answer, it seems, is “a lot."

The Bright Side of Failure: Why Failure is Good for Success?
Failure, on its face, doesn’t appear to be something all that positive. Indeed, failures and other adverse events don’t crop up often in the mental picture many people have of a positive organization; usually people imagine a successful, upbeat workplace with bright walls and happy people. Failure and adversity don’t really fit that vision.

Failure is an unavoidable part of life.

I've had several failures throughout my life. But I never stopped doing or trying to achieve whatever I wanted for. No one can guarantee that he would not make any mistake, and he would not failed in anything. If anyone say this, then he must have "OVER CONFIDENCE" and its harmful for the path of success. Failure is the thing that will give you more option to reach your destination. 
"When a door closed, there must be another door opened for you."
So don't try to run out, instead focus on failure and analyze it how you can recover and achieve success.

Most of us look at failure as a negative occurrence. 

Surely if we fail at something, that’s a sign of weakness. Yes, I often think the negative side of failure, but I shouldn't do. Within a few moments I can turn my negative thoughts in positive thoughts. I believe everyone can do this, but they don't want to. Do you know, even the most successful people in the world have had their failures? But they achieved their success, because they looked for positive effects into their failures. Always remember success comes through rapidly fixing our mistakes rather than thinking of the negativity. Everyone fails at something, but they should accept failure and keep trying in order to become success.

No one likes to fail.

Whether we like it or not, failure is a necessary stepping stone to achieve success. You think you are smart enough to become success, you have enough confidence to be successful, but what if you don't? please accept it. You can’t always avoid failure. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you simply can’t reach that mark or accomplish that sought-after goal. One of the strongest indicators of how failure impacts a person long-term is how they respond right after it takes place.
It’s important to remember that while failure doesn’t bring with it the accolades and congratulations that accompany success, failure in and of itself isn’t a total loss. If, instead of allowing yourself to wallow in self-pity, you think critically about your failure, you can turn this seemingly negative situation into a valuable learning opportunity.

Why you should share you positive failure to others?

Positive failure not only teaches you, it also teaches who lives around you, if you share with them. Be honest and make people sense, that what you have done some mistake, Whatever the consequences, the painful lessons you’ve learned, if shared appropriately, can certainly benefit someone else. I’m challenging myself — and you — to be willing to share those stories that have less than happy endings. We can help others, and maybe even learn something more about ourselves in the process.

Failure is key to success

Failure, or what seems like failure, is critical to success. I remember a quotes:
"Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something." - Morihei Ueshiba
It's almost impossible to go through life without experiencing some kind of failure. Failure is a part of life; everyone has experienced failure at some time or other. Failure is a matter of perspective. Many think failure as the opposite of success. But failures are in fact the stepping stones of success. Nothing worthwhile in life has ever been achieved without a series of failures.

Don't fear to fail

There is no necessity of being afraid to fail at all, as in most cases it might just scare you off from doing it; the decision between success and failure lies often beyond your own control, when you did everything possible and made above average efforts to accomplish your targeted goal. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that a failure is the logical reason of being lazy and it might also occur when you’re not willing to do “whatever necessary”, so make sure to erase as many factors that could lead to a defeat. To inspire you to not be afraid of being failed, below are some great and successful person's failure record.

Here are some famous failures:

  • Abraham Lincoln lost his job (1832), failed in business (1833) and was defeated in eight elections (1838 – 1858)
  • Walt Disney was fired, as his boss found he “lacked imagination”. Later, MGM studios told him that the idea of Mickey Mouse would not work; a giant mouse would scare women.
  • van Beethoven was told that he was hopeless as a composer and started losing his hearing in 1796, but continued to compose masterpieces
  • Thomas Edison’s teacher told him he was “too stupid to learn anything”. Also he stated that he “discovered six thousand ways that won’t work”, while developing the light bulb.

Opportunity for Analysis

On some occasions, it isn’t that the goal you’ve set is unreasonable, but instead that your method of trying to reach that goal could use some work. Anytime you fail, you’re presented with a valuable opportunity to analyze the situation. To reap the benefits of this chance for careful analysis, consider specifically why you failed and try to determine what you could’ve done to eliminate this failure catalyst. The next time you find yourself working toward a similar goal, keep in mind what you’ve learned and modify your flight plan, improving your chances of enjoying a different outcome.

Character Building

Succeeding is great, but it doesn’t offer the same opportunity for becoming a better person that failure affords. Any time you fail, you’re presented with an opportunity to hone your character. Because failing gracefully requires you to employ self-restraint, class and dignity, not reaching a goal presents the opportunity to exercise these positive character traits, allowing you to become better at exhibiting a level of grace that will ultimately get you much further in life.

Sweeter Success

Just as you don’t appreciate the heat of summer as much without the cold of winter, you won’t really appreciate success as fully if you never feel the burn of failure. To ease the pain associated with failure, remind yourself that when you do ultimately reach your goal-–which you will if you continue to exhibit the dedication and focus that have already served you so well-–it will feel even more sublime than it would have had you reached it on your first attempt.

It’s easy to feel like a workplace is “positive” when things are going well, resources are flush, and success is coming easily. But perhaps the real secret of a truly positive organization is its ability to create growth and resilience in the face of intense challenge and adversity. There’s almost always something beneficial that can come from failure. I’m positive.

There’s no way to completely prevent failure. Instead of allowing unsuccessful attempts at reaching goals to leave you burned and jaded, view these misses as opportunities for learning and growth.