Every time I believe in happiness as something mystical, I understand it in practical terms. Like love, happiness is not a game of chance,...

50 Habits for Happier, Healthier Life

Every time I believe in happiness as something mystical, I understand it in practical terms. Like love, happiness is not a game of chance, it is a full-time job. 
Happiness is something in which you invest with actions, with ways of thinking, with the way you handle your anger, manage insults and accept misfortunes. Happiness is knowing how to win and lose. Happiness does not depend on whether you have all your arms and all your legs if you do not use the ones you have left.
“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Here are 50 tips that will help you to be happy:

1. Ask depends on what others give you, get depends on how hard you try.

2. No one has ever gotten an outstanding giving a good excuse not to have done the homework.

"Happiness doesn't' depend on whether you have all your arms and all your legs if you do not use your remaining ones."
3. Planning makes you feel good before, during and after getting what you want. Dreaming makes you feel good until you wake up.

4. If you become angry at every foolishness of every fool you will spend your life angry.

50 Habits for Happier, Healthier Life
5. Travel as much as you can. Live in as many countries as you can. Find at least 3 places where you could live permanently and speak at least 3 languages.

6. Dedicate 8 hours of the day to sleep, 8 to work and 8 to yourself. It is not impossible, it is necessary.

7. No matter how much you try to avoid it, you will age, you will be slower than at the beginning and at the end you will die. Do the first thing in style, think that the beautiful thing is enjoyed more slowly and accept the latest as soon as possible.

"If you wants to be happy, just be, don't seek"
8. Do not panic, get organized.

9. Nobody is essential, there are only people who make life better and sometimes only for a limited time.

10. The world without you does not exist. Your life alone and with the world against is not worth it. Find the balance between these two things.

11. "Fight for your dreams" was what they probably told Melendi and now the rest we have to endure. Keep that in mind the next time you advise someone.

12. During the first twenty years it is worth imitating, copying, inspiring, plagiarizing, repeating and mimicking. Then you have to leave everything behind and be yourself.

13. Stand in front of a mirror. Whatever you do to him, he gives it back to you. Be like this with people. If it's your turn to return something you do not want to give back, do it again in front of a mirror: turn around. Be a mirror, my friend.

14. With some luck and a lot of effort you can change things that you do not like about yourself. Switching to others is totally out of your control and that's frustrating.

"There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will."
15. Few things cause as much unhappiness as frustration.

16. Living daily forces you to work double but can make you happy. Saving can make you boring but rich. Wailing never did anything for anyone.

17. There is no question whose answer is not found in a chapter of The Simpsons.

18. Do you know when there is a world catastrophe, the lines are saturated and you have to save your ass yourself because the emergency services do not answer the calls? Then think of God as if it were the emergency service. If you want to pray, pray, but do it without stopping to shoot the zombies.

19. If you love him, go with him, if you do not want him, do not. You do not need to be an aeronautical engineer.

20. If he leaves you, you go away, you turn off the mobile and you cry a while until you get over it. When the tears dry and your eyes are deflated you start making the calls.

21. Okay, cool, maybe there's another life after this one. Who cares?

22. If it is good for you and yours and does not harm the rest or yours, it is good. No matter what the book says.

23. Helping those in need is fine, but it's best to help them not need you.

24. Turn off your phone for at least two hours a day (no traps, night does not count). If you really can not catch yourself at least a month on vacation a year.

25. Go to concerts.

26. Really, go to concerts.

27. Drugs are holidays. If you are always on vacation you are spending little time where you have to be. Yourself.

28. Your hobbies define you much more than your work.

29. Do not get frustrated because you do not have the job you want. With jobs happens as with people, as much as you like there is a person in the world who is up to his cock.

30. Try to learn martial arts, shoot a gun, fish, hunt, sail, drive and water purify. Maybe you never need it but if the case does not want to be depending on another.

31. Treat the police well when I stop you and most likely the fine I put it to another that ignores this maxim.

32. Do not worry, mind you.

33. Have something to do. If you have nothing to do you have something to do.

34. Kiss him/her when you wake up.

35. Talk to people who do not think like you. Read books from people who do not think like you. After doing so, check it out if you keep thinking the same. If so, you will have lost nothing. If you have changed, congratulations, you were wrong and no longer.

36. There is nothing wrong in being wrong, the bad thing is to strive to remain so.

37. Eat rich. There is nothing better than eating rich.

38. Spend time in the field. If you have children you will surely like them to teach them to enjoy it.

39. Try to transport you by bike. When you stop at the traffic lights and see the faces of the people in the car you will understand why.

40. Practice active tourism. Give a vacation to your mind tiring your body a lot.

41. Rest.

42. Sex. The good one. The one that makes you want to live in it.

43. Statistics indicate that your children are very likely to try drugs, get drunk, break their hearts and do them a lot of harm. Have something to say about all this. Live it before him.

44. Do not be afraid of anything. It does not make happy, it does not give money and although it could give you a longer life it will be as boring as a bad movie: you will not get anyone to stay until the end to see it.

45. At least once, she travels for at least one week.

"Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort."
46. ​​Know you well. If you know your faults, your virtues and you work to be the person you want to be, no one will have any kind of power over you. You can be short, fat, limping, lame, immigrant, conductive woman, gay, muslim, atheist, unemployed actor, waitress, beggar, stutterer, pornstar or stripper. Make it your flag, do not tap it and let everyone know. By the time they come to fuck you you will have told everything and you will have an answer for all. No one can hurt you then.

47. See the movies in the movies and in the original version.

48. Keep in touch with your family, but do not forget that you are not tied to them for life and that your life belongs to no one. Whoever loves you will understand.

49. Give yourself something for your birthday. Celebrate the day it all began.

50. Read at least 100 pages of a book, look at a chapter of a good series and a good movie a day. If you get it being an adult who pays his own expenses and having a family forget about the other 49.

Being happy is not that easy. It seems to be something very difficult, unreachable, a body-mind state that comes when you have "closed circles", "you are at peace with yourself", "you have everything you want" and some people say that "Which has more but the one that needs least."

You are already happier than I am.