Planning a trip around the world? Looking for travel advice website? Here are 50 best travel tips from experts. Many people who travel for a...

50 Best Travel Tips That Will Change Your Traveling experience

Planning a trip around the world? Looking for travel advice website? Here are 50 best travel tips from experts. Many people who travel for a living, has put together a list of best advice for traveling to discover the awesomeness of the different countries and cultures.

1. Smile always, this is the universal language. 

2. Scan your important documents like passport and ID and save them to a USB stick and carry it with you at all times. Or you can send them to your email. 

3. Do not be afraid of improvisers, always ready to improvise. 

4. For short trips pack your shampoo and conditioner in small jars (as in the spices) to take up less space. 

5. Do not pack your fears, leave them at home. 

6. For long journeys, always travel at night, so you do not waste time traveling.  
7. Do not be predisposed. Know for yourself all the places, so they have told you that they are bad. 

8. Keep your important documents, money, and addresses or contact numbers in a belt or kangaroo. So you will always have them at hand, and you will avoid their loss. 

9. Always pack socks (OR socks). 

10. Take your time, always leave your comfort zone.
11. Be always polite, do not forget the basic principles of thank you, give away the place or leave the places as you have found them. 

12. You are an ambassador of your country, so always speak positive things about this. 

50 Best Travel Tips That Will Change Your Traveling experience 

13. If you travel abroad, always carry a gift of your own. Share the culture. 
Moments are not only captured in photographs. Always next to your camera places a notebook in which you can write unique details that you want to remember.

14. Always travel light luggage, clothes and whatever you need you can get it on the way.
15. Just in case, always carry a good coat, you do not know when it will be sleeping at the airport.
16. Always know about the important aspects of your country, such as geography and history. This way you can make your home country known all over the world.
17. Get a book from a local writer, this way you can learn more important cultural aspects.
18. Open an account in the Western Union, in the case of emergency you can access this from anywhere in the world.
19. Take any opportunity to make a new friend. 

20. Again, make friends everywhere 

21. Print at home the maps of the cities you are going to visit. 

22. Always take bottled water.
23. If you are looking for accommodation, a good option is Airbnb. You can find outstanding options, at meager costs.
24. Walk a lot. Always choose routes where you can walk, so you will know much more.
25. Always tie your backpack to yourself or the means of transportation where you travel, thus preventing it from being stolen.
26. Be always on time, especially when checking your tickets.
27. For long walks, always load repellent, waterproof, comfortable shoes, water, and bananas.
28. Always pack wet cloths, they can be used for personal cleaning.
29. Always look for a conversation with the people you meet, they can help you with sensitive data or with any need you have.
30. Stop waiting for your friends. Venture to travel alone.
31. Be humble and gentle.
32. Always pack a smaller backpack inside your backpack. You might need it.
33. Never lose contact with those you met on your travels. Always ask for telephones and social networks where you can find them.
34. Live like a little kid every trip. Attentive to discover new things.
35. At night charge the batteries of your camera or cell phone.
36. You can always use search tools for hosting as Tripadvisor.
37. Always carry a good book for when you have to make long waits.
38. Always carry a medicine chest with pills from your country and knows so that you can serve each one.
39. Avoid the suitcases of wheels. They can be very easily damaged. Always carry your backpack.
40. If you arrive in a city with Metro type transportation, buy all the tickets at once, and you avoid wasting time doing queues.
41. Always be a better version of you and carry this everywhere.
42. Always pack food or reserve water.
43. Always plan. It is good to be surprised, but if you first inform about important facts of the place you are going to visit you will save a lot of time and money.
44. Do not wear clothes for each day. Try to pack the smallest amount. You can always wash somewhere you go. 

45. Travel alone. It is the best opportunity to know yourself.
46. You can always make mental pictures. Try to capture in your mind the spaces you enjoy most, their smell, lighting, and sounds.
47. Do not forget to always carry water.
48. Look for economizing by asking for discounts or making changes with work.
49. If you go to a place where you do not know the language, help using applications.

50. Here are some tips for traveling. Surely there are much more to learn and share. Leave us your advice to travel in the comment box, so that we together will make a mega guide of the travel advice.