VigLink is an American company that has been in operation since 2009. Viglink is quite similar to Skimlinks, both companies allow normal l...

VigLink - Best Adsense Alternatives for 2015

VigLink is an American company that has been in operation since 2009. Viglink is quite similar to Skimlinks, both companies allow normal looking outgoing links to become affiliate links simply by inserting their code on your site.


How does VigLink Operate?

VigLink act as the middleman between you and over 30,000 different merchants. VigLink allow normal product links to become affiliate links that will not look any different to your readers. You can use VigLink on websites, social media networks, and within apps.
There are three different ways to use VigLink to make money.

VigLink Anywhere

VigLink Anywhere LogoInstead of using and other link shortening sites to shorten your affiliate links, VigLink does this instantly with their VigLink Anywhere system. This is great for using on social media sites and within email campaigns. It is as simple to use as
Just add the link, once it has been shortened it will contain your individual VigLink code so any affiliate sales can be tracked.

VigLink Convert

VigLink Convert LogoThis is the system that VigLink is known best for. VigLink converts normal links into affiliate links. VigLink works with 90% of the biggest internet retailers so it is easy to find a company that you want to sign up with.
VigLink is able to negotiate higher commissions than the majority of bloggers could manage on their own but they do take a 25% cut of your earnings.

VigLink Insert

VigLink Insert LogoVigLink Insert uses semantic technology to convert relevant, random words on your site to affiliate links. Certain words are chosen from within your content to become affiliate links to different products from one of VigLink’s 30,000 merchants.
VigLink claim by using VigLink Insert on your sites you can  double your VigLink income.

VigLink Review

  • Easy approval process that isn’t reliant on traffic levels or origin of website traffic.
  • Generous referral program allows you to earn money for 1 year on all your referrals to VigLink.
  • Makes it easy to turn product links into referral links.
  • Affiliate links are enabled immediately after the VigLink code has been installed on your site.
  • Easy installation instructions.
  • They have more than 30,000 merchants for you to affiliate with.
  • VigLink Preview allows you to see what your site would like with VigLink affiliate links.
  • People may be put off by the tax information that needs to be submitted, but it isn’t that difficult to obtain an EIN or ITIN number from the IRS.
  • VigLink take 25% off your affiliate commission, this is the same cut as Skimlinks.
  • VigLink support is run by a community support panel which means other users and VigLink employees, you’re encouraged to search through other users’ issues or post your own and wait for an answer.
  • Reporting system can be confusing at first.
  • VigLink doesn’t work with JavaScript disabled browsers.

VigLink vs Adsense

VigLink and Adsense are totally different ad networks and aren’t comparable. Both of them do not require exclusivity and will work well together on your site. VigLink and Adsense monetize different sections of your website and by using VigLink it shouldn’t affect Adsense earnings. VigLink is a very good adsense alternative.

VigLink vs Skimlink

VigLink and Skimlink are very similar and have a lot of the same merchants. VigLink approval process is easier and quicker.Iif you are outside of the US you might prefer Skimlinks, as it is easier to get started as you don’t need to provide any US taxation documents. VigLink don’t support automatic signup with all of their merchants such as the Ebay Partner Network like Skimlinks do.

VigLink Payout Amount

There’s no minimum payment amount with VigLink but you will need to wait 60 days to receive payment. So if you made money in May you wouldn’t receive payment until the end of July. Payment is made via PayPal and VigLink cover all the PayPal fees.
VigLink How Does it Work

Signing up with VigLink

Signing up is easy, once you have entered your email address on the VigLink website you will be sent an activation email. There is no approval process, so you will be approved instantly. Once you have verified your email account you fill in a couple of simple questions about location and password and from there you have the code to enter on your website. You can start earning money straight away.
Entering the code on your website is simple, there is one code that can be used for any site or unique codes for any of the following formats: Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, phpBB, TypePad and vBulletin. Once you have entered the code on your site any product links with VigLink merchants will automatically be switched into affiliate links.